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VIDEO: Donald Sterling Attends a Black Church

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VIDEO: Donald Sterling Attends a Black Church


The bible teaches forgive and love friend or foe.  But for many the code is to forgive but never forget.  Donal Sterling’s motives are unclear but he recently attended a predominately black church,  “Praises of Zion Baptist Church,” in South L.A.  Now if any of you have been to a Baptist church then you know it is definitely nothing like the synagogues most Jewish are used to.  We are not sure if anyone prepped Donald on the possibility of people speaking in tongue, yelling, and  occasionally running laps around the church.  Personally I was raised Pentecostal so a Baptist church is right in my wheelhouse.

The Clippers deal is all but finalized at a record $2 billion so this might be a P.R move to save face or who knows maybe a genuine effort to change his ways.  Either or we find this move fascinating to say the least.  Although I am personally skeptical at this move, as they say only God can judge.


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