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Things to do During a Blizzard-The Grown-up’s Guide to Snow Days

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Things to do During a Blizzard-The Grown-up’s Guide to Snow Days

Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

Things to do During a Blizzard-The Grown-up’s Guide to Snow Days

Things to do During a Blizzard-The Grown-up’s Guide to Snow Days

So the meteorologists are calling for another “big snow storm.”  Although it’s anyone’s guess it’s still better to be safe than sorry.  Sure in the past you ran to home depot and spent a small fortune on salt, shovels and possibly a snowblower to only be greeted with sleet.  However, this time the folks that use a magic 8 ball to predict the weather were right and “Signs Point to Yes.”  So now you’re home persumably bored with no real gameplan.  Well If you want to do some adulting and get some things done, we have some suggestions.  Check out our list of things to do during a blizzard-The Grown-up’s Guide to Snow Days.


Prep Your Taxes

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Yea, yea I know it isn’t exactly “fun” or involves alcohol.  Well it can but we wouldn’t recommend it.  Anyways, take the afternoon and do some adulting.  Don’t wait last minute to get your paperwork together.  Gather your W2’s, your receipts and everything else you need and get your taxes done or prep your stuff to take to your accountant. You’ll feel accomplished and all-grown up and shit.


Fix Stuff


That chair with the loose screw, that doorknob that needed to be replaced or maybe hang those pictures that have been leaning on your wall for the last 4 months.  Just get shit done.  Not only will you improve the aesthetics of your home, you feel a sense of relief that you don’t have “to-do” stuff lingering around.


Start Your Work Out at Home


So you been meaning to get fit but have yet to hit the gym.  Hey what better time than now then to start warming up for the gym.  Simple exercises like sit ups, push-ups and dips can all be done at home.  This will get the momentum going so when the snow thaws, you’ll be on the road to getting your summer bod.


Shovel Your Elderly Neighbors Sidewalk


The majority of us are guilty of complaining about all the bad in the world.  Whether it’s ISIS, the economy or crime, we tend to vent our frustrations from time-to-time on social media.  Now’s your chance to do a little good in this world.  Throw on some warm gear and shovel the sidewalk and maybe dig out a car of an elderly or disabled neighbor.  Hey that’s someone’s gandma’ or ganddaddy, wouldn’t you want someone to do the same?


Cook Something You Never Cooked Before

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Image via

So you gave in to the panic and ran to the grocery store to stock up. Aside from the run of the mill french toast recipe of bread, eggs and milk you picked up some choice cut meat, veggies and seasoning.  Go online or crack open a cookbook and make something outside of your comfort zone.  What better time than a snow day to experiment.  If you’re snowed in with a significant other or family what better way to bond than over food.  That is unless you totally burn it.


Clean Up Your Email

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Image via

I am guilty as hell for this one.  Currently I have about 5 emails feeding into my phone inbox with a whopping 4,000+ unread emails.  It may be painstaking but clean that up.  Also add filters, tags and folders to organize your inbox.  For all those annoying newsletters and subscription emails spamming your inbox, it’s time to find the unsubscribe button and liberate your emails.


Call a Friend or Family Member You Haven’t Spoke to in a While


We’ve become so insulated with texting, emailing and social media that we lost the ability to connect on telephones.  Sharpen the lost art of chit chat and connect with an old college friend or family member from out of town.  Yea it’s random but a great way to step outside of your comfort zone as well as prove you can contact people when it doesn’t involve a favor.




Something about snowdays that makes everything so quiet.  Maybe it’s the insulation of the snow maybe it’s because everyone is indoors.  Either way take advantage of the serene atmosphere and meditate.  There are many mental health advantages of mediation. You’ll feel more focused and less stressed and ready to tackle your chores and upcoming work week.


Watch a Foreign Flick

<center>Image via techbaquette</center>

Learn something, get cultured and experience cinematography outside of Hollywood.  There are tons of great foreign flicks on Netflix. Yea subtitles will take a while to getting used to but you just may be surprised that a film you never even knew existed would become one of your favorites of all-time.

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