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The Philadelphia Film Society is Expanding Their Community Programming Including After School Film Workshop For Teens

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The Philadelphia Film Society is Expanding Their Community Programming Including After School Film Workshop For Teens

The Philadelphia Film Society is Expanding Their Community Programming Including After School Film Workshop For Teens

The Philadelphia Film Society (PFS) proudly announces the expansion of the organization’s educational programming with two new initiatives and partnerships. This Spring, in partnership with Big Picture Alliance, PFS will launch the second semester of the after school program, Cinemaniacs, available to all students between the ages of 14 – 19. PFS will also introduce their new PFS Residencies program with a curriculum specially crafted for SpArc Philadelphia, serving their community of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and Attic Youth Center, serving queer youth from across the city.

“Film is a uniquely powerful medium for amplifying stories and promoting critical conversations. With our education and community programming, PFS is working towards a Philadelphia in which everyone has the chance to connect to the power of film. In this vein, I am excited to announce two new initiatives for PFS,” states Madeline Charne, Education Manager for the Philadelphia Film Society. “The first is an after school, Cinemaniacs, a free film and media studies course for 14-19 year olds in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Created in partnership with Big Picture Alliance, this two semester course aims to introduce teenagers to the history and craft of cinema, focusing on our complicated relationship to film and the ways we produce and consume content. The second is the creation of PFS Residencies, a series of programs built in partnership with community organizations and schools from across Philadelphia. This year we are launching this program with an inaugural collaborative filmmaking workshop at SpArc, working with their participants to write, storyboard, shoot, and edit brand new films that bring their imaginative ideas to life on screen, and with a documentary filmmaking workshop at Attic Youth Center, introducing Philadelphia’s queer youth to new ways to share their own, unique stories with the world

With Cinemaniacs, teens explore the role of cinema in their lives and society through watching and analyzing a diverse selection of historical and contemporary films. Youth develop a deeper understanding of the evolution and creative process of filmmaking through screenings, discussions, creative activities, and conversations with guest filmmakers. All youth who complete the Spring semester will be given a stipend to compensate them for their time and commitment.

“Big Picture Alliance is thrilled to be able to bring media literacy & film studies programming to dozens of Philly youth through our partnership with PFS,” states Aleks Martray, Executive Director of Big Picture Alliance. “Our Cinemaniacs program provides a safe & supportive community for teens to explore the history & craft of cinema through screenings and discussions with their peers, mentors and industry professionals. Most importantly, the program encourages youth to think critically about their own relationship to film & cinema through exploring themes of representation in their lives, communities and society at large. Through this partnership, we’re able to expose young people to films they’ve often never seen or heard of, especially films made by historically underrepresented communities that allow youth to see themselves reflected authentically on screen and behind the scenes. This can transform the way young people engage with media – both as viewers and creators.”

Applications are now open for the Spring semester with curriculum focusing on the craft of cinema. The program will take place virtually and run for 10 weeks, February 8 through April 19. The session will focus on introducing students to the individual aspects of cinema, from screenwriting to production design to directing, and equip them with the tools they need to make, watch, and analyze movies of all types.

The PFS Residencies is film programming built in partnership with Philadelphia organizations and schools to serve the specific needs of their communities. Tailored around the individual needs of the partners, with diverse programming, including, documentary filmmaking intensives, film criticism workshops, collaborative filmmaking, and exploring local issues through film. PFS is very excited to kick-off this program with a partnership with SpArc Philadelphia and Attic Youth Center

“SpArc Services is thrilled to be partnering with PFS to develop this new programming geared towards providing access to film making to the adults with disabilities that we support,” states Kathleen Nace, Director of Cultural Arts for SpArc Services. “The participants at SpArc are creative, charismatic and eager to learn how to work together to develop a film from start to finish.”

“This opportunity to partner with Philadelphia Film Society will open up the doors for our youth to be able to dive into filmmaking and learn how to tell their own stories,” states Natalia Villarán Quiñones, Director of Life Skills. “We must encourage youth to see themselves represented in films and to collect and record the history of their lives and communities through their lenses. We hope this opportunity will encourage a new group of inquisitive and groundbreaking LGBTQ filmmakers.”

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