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The Official Guide to Surviving Airport Travel

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The Official Guide to Surviving Airport Travel

As we all know before traveling to our destination we have to go through the hassle of the airport. But how can we move more quickly through the crowded airport and make it on time for our flight departure without worrying the airports’ hustle and bustle? More than ever, lines are longer at check-ins and airport security check points can be unpredictable even if you abide by the old airport rule, “be at the airport two-hours ahead of time.” Usually this only leaves time to buy magazine and things to snack on and playing on your phone until it’s time for boarding.

Which is why we created The Official Guide to Surviving Airport Travel.  Follow these simple tips if you want to save time and  stress on your next trip.

Get Ahead of The Game


Always check in online, print out your boarding pass/passes and choose your seat in advance. Some of this may cost a little more; however, it will help save time as well as help you score a seat with a little more leg-room in the economy seats.  The alternative could men you’ll be  stuck all the way in the back of the plane by the restroom. In addition, you should always check your flight status. You don’t want to end up at the airport and go through all the hassle only to find out that your flight is cancelled and now your stuck in the airport for God knows how long. So, check in flight status is a must.

Dress To Impress


Choose your airport outfit wisely. Wear comfortable shoes such as flats that you can take off easily for security checks. Same with belts, coats and jackets and jewelry. Anything that requires to much time to take off don’t wear at all.

Less Is More


When possible, carry hand luggage only. Take one handbag and one travel bag. If you can’t fit everything in these two bags reduce what your packing and check what is not needed for your trip. The less you carry the more you can bring back with you. And beside you don’t want to pay the extra fees for a heavy baggage. Weigh your bags at home on a scale to prevent overweight luggage.

Have A Positive Attitude

As the saying goes, “You kill more bees with honey.” Many airport staff deal with some of the most outrageous and disrespectful customers ever and they do not need another person to add on to their list. Be friendly to airport officials. Smiling and answering security questions politely could mean they make your journey run a lot more smoother and more efficiently.

Time Is Money

Plan your time wisely. Don’t be to conservative when estimating your time from your home to the airport you don’t want to get stuck in the airport for hours building up anxiety to your destination. Relax and breath. Make sure you packed everything you need for your trip such as; cash, visa, airport and identification. Also, make sure you prep your documents before you get in line to check-in or at least before you are in front of the counter. Having everything ready to go makes it much easier for you the airport staff to get you through security without a problem.

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