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The Bourse Hosts Totally Tubular 80’s Karaoke!

Tubular 80's Karaoke

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The Bourse Hosts Totally Tubular 80’s Karaoke!

The Bourse Hosts Totally Tubular 80’s Karaoke!

The Bourse Hosts Totally Tubular 80’s Karaoke!

The Bourse Food Hall is stoked to the max to announce a totally tubular 80’s themed Karaoke Night presented by the Escape the 80s on Friday, April 12th from 6 – 8 pm.

Participants can serenade the audience with their favorite ballad of the decade or do their best lip sync rendition to a hard rock classic. Before hitting the stage, guests are encouraged to stop by the 80’s clothing rack to throw on some slick outfits to really wow the crowd.

Starting at 5 pm on Friday, select food hall vendors will get the crowd in the 80’s spirit with themed food and beverage specials, including:
  • “Punky Brewster” courtesy of Taps Fill Station — $10.50 beer and a shot
  • “Red Red Wine” courtesy of Chocodiem Philadelphia — 1 free glass of red wine per person
  • “Rock the Bas-Ka-Bob” courtesy of LALO — $5 Salabatchhh cocktails, $5 San Miguel, $1 off the Bas-Ka-Bob
  • “Whiskey Business” courtesy of Bluebird Distilling — $7 cocktail
After their 80’s karaoke debut, participants can snag a photo with a life-sized Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I. for the ‘gram. Prizes for best performance include free tickets to the Escape the 80’s escape room, 80’s themed pins, and 80’s apparel.
This event is FREE with pay-as-you-go food and beverage specials.
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