The 5th Annual Philly Hip Hop Awards Are Happening, Here's Why You Should Be Excited - Wooder Ice
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The 5th Annual Philly Hip Hop Awards Are Happening, Here’s Why You Should Be Excited


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The 5th Annual Philly Hip Hop Awards Are Happening, Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

When it comes to the music scene, Philly has left its mark in just about every genre.  From rock to R&B to Neo-Soul to Hip Hop, millions around the globe have shuffled their feet to the unique Philly sound and attitude.  This Sunday December 6th, many aspiring and established artists, producers, promoters, DJ and just all-around hustlers and contributors will converge at The TLA for the 5th Annual Philly Hip Hop Awards.

However, this isn’t just about who can spit the best bars or who can make the dopest beats.  This is a celebration of a culture.  A celebration of the many cogs on the wheel that make the industry what it is.  It goes far behind the guy or girl on stage.  Just how every product ever made has a start and finished product, so to does the music that bumps through your speaker.  We’re talking the management that scouts and guides the talent.  The Publicist that steers the careers.  The promoter that ensures there’s a crowd at every venue to witness the talent’s dream come to life.  The DJ’s that break the records and the bloggers who keep the masses informed.

You see it’s much more than what you see on an album cover and the Philly Hip Hop Awards looks to spotlight the many men and women in and around Philly that have been keeping the hip hop culture alive and thriving in the 215.  Spawned by Urban Celebrity Magazine, The Philly Hip Hop Awards are the brainchild of Founder Jimmy DaSaint.  What began as a showcase of the prominent artist at the time has manifested into a celebration of entrepreneurs and rising talent.

This year’s Philly Hip Hop Awards looks to be the best one yet.  With budding artist PNB Rock, Beanie Sigel and State Property slated to make an appearance, expect a perfect blend of the old guard and new guard forming a seamless show belting out classic as well as new age hits.

We’re sure that your familiar with the many marquee names on the bill but for those that may not be up on many of the nominees, we were fortunate enough to catch up with several this past week for a preview meet & greet.  From what we experienced Philadelphia’s hip hop scene has a bright future.  See for your yourself!

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