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5 Reasons Why Old City Eats is a Better Option Than Sips


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5 Reasons Why Old City Eats is a Better Option Than Sips

5 Reasons Why Old City Eats is a Better Option Than Sips

If you work or visit Center City during the week, particularly on Wednesdays, then you may be aware of the summer phenomenon known as Center City Sips.  Just about every restaurant in Center City offers deals on mixed drinks, beers, wines and appetizers to produce perhaps the best happy hour known to man.  However, not all happy hour goers are created equal.  Sure some people enjoy the blaring “top 40” music, crowded venues and running into everyone you swiped left on Tinder.  For the rest of us that enjoy a little bit more of a low-key setting, more food deals and not having to walk 6 city blocks to check the scenes at various spots, there’s great news.  The Old City District has created Old City Eats, which has become the signature event to this historic corridor of Philly.

Every Thursday from now until August 25th over 30 of Old City’s best restaurants and bars will be offering  hot deals and chill vibes.  Enjoy half off small plates, five dollar drink specials, off-menu dishes, seasonal cocktails and even chef collaborations for the most satisfying food tour in the city.  Not convinced yet?  Well we personally took a tour of Old City Eats and came up with 5 Reasons Why Old City Eats is a Better Option Than Sips.  Check it out…


Let’s Face it, Sips Can be Shit Show


Hey, I love all the places that participate in Sips.  It’s not the venues that have turned this event from a networkers wet dream into a quasi-college party scene with plenty of broey stigma in the air.  Sure there are still plenty of chill spots during Sips where you can knock down some well-drinks and domestic beers but the main attractions featuring DJs and roped off courtyards can be little much for those just looking for a pit stop before heading home. If this fits your steeze, Old City Eats has a wide-range of no-nonsense places where you can loosen your tie or for the ladies (switch from heels to those Nike cross trainers you keep in your purse) and enjoy your food and drinks without all the ra-ra.


Less Posers


So let’s say you do enjoy going to happy hours to meet someone.  Maybe you just want to flirt or possibly make a love connection.  Instead of having to worry about interns propping themselves up as big shot supervisors or someone puffing up their title to sound like they run the show at work, go for a more neighborhood vibe.  Several of those once popular lounges and clubs have now been converted to new must-try restaurants and bars that you may have been sleeping heavily on.


Better Food Deals


Sips is well, just that.  It’s all about the drinks.  The deal also throws in appetizers, so that you’re eating just enough to drink more.  Well if you’re looking for hardy portions, Old City Eats not only has half off small plates but they are also giving out deals to special off-menu dishes as well as special chef collaborations.  It’s like combining restaurant week with Sips.


Everything is a Block Away


 Let’s say you want to try the best that Old City Eats has to offer. Well, you don’t have to travel far to get the full experience.  Every participant is within a 1 block radius which means you can eat and drink your way around Old City and try all of the latest spots you’ve been meaning to check out.  There’s a ton of talented chefs, legendary restaurants as well as a few newbies that will shock your palates.


Re-Discover Old City


Remember those days of puking on Bank St. after the let-outs back in the day?  2nd St. and Chestnut were strips of bars and clubs and it felt like the city converged here every weekend.  Well it’s safe to say those days are long gone.  A combination of no-nonsense residents and a shift in nightlife demographics has caused Old City to evolve.  Dance floors have now been converted into to dinning rooms where world class chefs are the new masters of ceremony.  If it’s been a while since you been down there, Old City Eats is probably the best way to re-discover this evolving section of town.  To help you get acquainted, below is a list of all of the participating restaurants.


Amada, 217 Chestnut Street

Bierstube German Tavern, 206 Market Street

Buddakan, 325 Chestnut Street

Chickie’s and Pete’s Waterfront Crabshack, 101 S. Christopher Columbus Boulevard at Summerfest

Common Wealth Old City, 319 Market Street

Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar, 138 Market Street

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, 10 S. 2nd Street

DiNardo’s Famous Seafood, 312 Race Street

Eulogy Belgian Tavern, 136 Chestnut Street

Farmicia Food & Tonics, 15 S. 3rd Street

Fork, 306 Market Street

The Gaslight, 120 Market Street

Han Dynasty, 123 Chestnut Street

High Street on Market, 308 Market Street

Independence Mall Café, 50 N Independence Mall E (*closes at 7pm)

Jasmine Rice, 224 Market Street

JJ Bootleggers, 35 S. 2nd Street

Kabul Restaurant, 106 Chestnut Street

La Famiglia Ristorante, 8 S. Front Street

La Peg, 140 N. Christopher Columbus Boulevard

The Little Lion, 243 Chestnut Street

Lucha Cartel, 207 Chestnut Street

National Mechanics, 22 S. 3rd Street

Nick’s Bar & Grille, 16 S. 2nd Street

The Olde Bar, 125 Walnut Street

Panorama, 14 N. Front Street

The Plough and the Stars, 123 Chestnut Street

Positano Coast by Aldo Lamberti, 212 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor

Prime Stache, 110 Chestnut Street

Revolution House, 200 Market Street

Keating’s Rope & Anchor Bar + Kitchen, 201 S. Christopher Columbus Boulevard

Sassafras, 48 S. 2nd Street

Silence Dogood’s Tavern, 216 Market Street

The Victoria Freehouse, 10 S. Front Street

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