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Organic Burger Joint P’unk Burger Coming to E. Passyunk Ave.

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Organic Burger Joint P’unk Burger Coming to E. Passyunk Ave.

A new organic burger joint is coming to E. Passyunk Ave. this November.  Marlo and Jason Dilks who currently own, SliCE are set to open P’unk Burger this coming November.  P’unk which will be located at 1823 E. Passyunk Ave., will be a BYO spot with natural and organic burgers, shakes and fries.

P’unk Burger will utilize the 500 sq. ft. digs for dining in, carry-out, as well as delivery to local residents. Those who choose to dine can expect a fun and festive atmosphere as this place will boast gaming space including a cocktail arcade game table with the classic favorite Burger Time (plus 59 other arcade game options).

Having already established a thriving venture in SliCE, the restauranteur couple looks to duplicate their success with P’unked burger.  Marlo Dilks  is definitely no stranger to the restaurant world.  She has spent a lifetime in the kitchen.  Having grew up in a family that loved to cook and, more importantly, loved to eat, her father Louis Fioravanti owned and operated two popular kitchenettes (Marlo’s and Cousins), and a neighborhood grocery and butcher store (The Meat Barn). She was able hone her culinary skills while assisting her father father in his many ventures
With the addition of P’unk Burger, the duo plan to focus on a limited menu they can execute perfectly. While quality, freshness and made-to-order are at the top of their list, the Dilks are focused on natural and organic ingredients. They understand Philly is primarily a casual food time and  seek to offer non-guilty options for those that care what they put into their bodies, but crave a delicious burger, shake and fries.
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