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New Interactive Art Experience “Otherworld” is Coming to Philly This Winter Featuring Live Music Acts

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New Interactive Art Experience “Otherworld” is Coming to Philly This Winter Featuring Live Music Acts

New Interactive Art Experience “Otherworld” is Coming to Philly This Winter Featuring Live Music Acts

Otherworld, an interactive art experience, today announced the upcoming opening of its new Philadelphia location. Building upon the massive success of its original Columbus, Ohio location, Otherworld Philadelphia will officially open to the public this winter, featuring all-new, larger scale installations and new storylines with enhanced production and interactivity. In addition to its year-round exhibits, Otherworld will feature special events including a variety of live music acts.

Composed of over 55 unique rooms/installations, Otherworld is a self-guided, out-of-this-world experience for all ages, encouraging guests to roam and interact at their own pace – all while putting the viewer right in the middle of a cinematic experience. Each room is totally unique from one another yet intertwined like songs on a concept album or episodes of an anthology, featuring iridescent creatures and primordial monsters, crawlable tubes and infinite expanses of light, and alluring art with depth and a captivating narrative. Otherworld is the creation of over 100 artists, modelers, animators, creative technologists, fabricators and more, providing an unparalleled experience for consumers across the East Coast.

“Our original Ohio location has become a destination in itself, and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to bring Otherworld to Philly” commented Otherworld Founder Jordan Renda. “We’re excited to continue doing what we love and keep creating immersive stuff that everyone can enjoy, but on a much larger-scale with ramped up production value this time around.”

The hypnotic experience is driven by a multitude of cutting-edge technologies, using best-in-class design and technology. From holograms to holodecks, over 150 Optoma projectors, dozens of motion tracking cameras and over ten kilometers of LEDs will create spectacular interactive visual effects. Otherworld’s mosaic of innovation will engage visitors in an unparalleled mesmerizing experience.

To elevate the experience across all locations, Otherworld partnered with Optoma, a global leader in visual display solutions. As the #1 4K UHD and DLP® projection brand in the Americas,* Optoma’s displays captivate and inspire audiences by combining cutting-edge projection technology and innovation to deliver stunning and engaging visual experiences. Optoma’s technical team recommends the best solution enabling digital artists to realize their vision, share their creativity and create memorable experiences.

Otherworld has also partnered with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the producers of world-class live events and location-based entertainment experiences, for its Philadelphia location, tapping into the group’s long-standing expertise in creating cult favorite interactive experiences.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Otherworld for their Philadelphia location” stated Christopher Stafford, CEO and Founding Partner of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group. “Jordan and the Otherworld team have an out of this world creative eye for dreaming up massively unique, fan favorite experiences and we couldn’t be more excited to help bring this new experience to life.”

Otherworld Philadelphia is scheduled to open later this year and is located at 2500 Grant Ave.


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