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Location 215 is Hosting a “Spring Garden” Artist Pop-up Market!


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Location 215 is Hosting a “Spring Garden” Artist Pop-up Market!

Location 215 is Hosting a “Spring Garden” Artist Pop-up Market!

Location 215 is Hosting a “Spring Garden” Artist Pop-up Market!

Kicking off Philadelphia’s long awaited spring season, Location 215 (990 Spring Garden Street) is hosting a “spring garden” artist market on May 2nd, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Featuring a line up of owner Jen Blauvelt’s favorite local creatives, the space will house a unique pop-up shopping experience in addition to a designer showcase.

The modern space located in the heart of the spring arts district offers open spaces and an indoor/outdoor concept. Guests can look forward to a wide variety of creative vendors including handmade jewelry, plants and planters, home goods, apparel and accessories, macrame and fiber art, ceramics, health, beauty, and custom artwork.

In addition to local vendors the event will also include an all day, outdoor skate exhibition featuring Skate the Foundry at the  entrance of Location 215 and a capsule installation featuring designs from the Made Institute student  and graduate Designer Development program.

“For me you just can’t be in the Spring Garden Arts district without getting your neighbors involved. It has been such a hard year for everyone that we wanted to see if we could help drive business to all the merchants as well”, said Blauvelt on the importance of the event to support small businesses.

Additional perks for those attending include an exclusive pass upon arrival providing special discounts, and a map of a beer, cocktail, brunch, and mural and art walking tour in the Spring Arts neighborhood. Blauvelt anticipates the event becoming an annual occurrence stating, “Many of the  Art and Crafts merchants have joined us and I’m thinking this is the start of an annual event”.

Location 215 stands by COVID-19 safety protocols. Social distancing will be enforced and all attendees are required to wear a face mask. There will be temperature checks at the door, high touch surface cleaning throughout the day, no food and drinks inside the building, and only 50 people will be allowed to shop in each studio at one time to maintain social distancing.

Market Vendors:


Feast Jewelry

Elle Tobin

Knot Your Average Jawn

Lavish Pairings

Mason & Monstera

Object Maker

Spitfire Designs

Supra Endura

Wind & Waves Soaps

Mural and Art Walking Tour Artists:

Kid Hazo

Hawk Krall

Martha Rich

Charles Burwell


Lauren Cat West

Brad Carney

Joe Boruchow

Dennie McNett


Isaac Lin

Billstrobel + Tamearts


Jessie & Katey

Hagopian Arts

Shepard Fairy

Santiago Galeas

Steve Powers



Lady Pink

Adam Crawford

Andrea Grasso

Ben Volta

Pass Partners:

The Lucky Well

Love City Brewing Company

Roy Pitz Barrel House

Triple Bottom Brewing

Darnel’s Cakes

Kaiseki Sushi


One Trick Pony

Arts and Crafts Holdings

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