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8 Philly Winter Date Ideas to Impress Your Boo!


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8 Philly Winter Date Ideas to Impress Your Boo!

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8 Philly Winter Date Ideas to Impress Your Boo!

8 Philly Winter Date Ideas to Impress Your Boo!

So it’s winter.  That means it gets darker earlier and of course colder.  However, that shouldn’t stop you from keeping your flame going.  If you are looking for some unique and cool ideas to take your date out this winter in Philly, you know we gotcha’.  Here’s our list of 8 Philly Winter Date Ideas to Impress Your Boo.  From workshops to events and more, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Philly this winter.


Art is Life

black magic

I am not talking your run-of-the-mill trip to the Art Museum.  Philly has an amazing assortment of various boutique art spaces and each are curating their own shows.  Whether it’s photography, abstract art or sculptures you can find it all in Philly. Not only will you discover new talent, you’ll find that most  of these amazing artists are home grown here in Philly. If you need a lead on an art exhibit check out Rashaad Newsome’s “Black Magic” at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.  If you want more options, check out our list of 5 Art Galleries You Need to Visit in Philly.


Start a Hobby Together

One thing that keeps a relationship growing is learning and exploring together.  Do you and your significant other have a passionate hobby?  If not maybe it’s time to start one up.  If you love the arts then try taking up clay classes at Clay Studios.  Or if you’re more passionate about visuals The Philadelphia Photo Center offers an assortment of Photograph classes, from shooting food to low light classes at Eastern State Penitentiary.  Either way explore Philadelphia and discover everything from cooking, drawing, dance and more.


Make a Gingerbread House into a Gingerbread Home



Sometimes you gotta’ do the cute little activities like paint pumpkins and and build gingerbread houses.  If you’re looking for a cool vibe away from home, Bredenbeck’s Bakery offers BYOB gingerbread house workshops.  That’s right you and your boo and cozy up to a bottle of wine (or tequila if you’re feeling saucy) and construct some gingerbread homes.  It will feel just like art class in elementary school only this time you can be tipsy in class.


Put Your Love on Ice

Philly has done a great job over the years to provide two great ice skating venues with great city views and tons of activities.  The Rothman Rink located in Dilworth Park has the picturesque City Hall at the backdrop and the Christmas Village for all the extras.  Enjoy skating, shopping as well as food and adult drinks all in the same park.  If you want to bring out the inner-kid in you, check out their carousel located in the City Hall courtyard.

For waterfront views, The Independence Blue Cross RiverRink’s Winterfest is chock full of live entertainment, games, and fun.  Either way you can’t go wrong here.


Light Each-other’s Fire


Indulge in great smells and a great time with Wax + Wine’s Friendsgiving event.  You’ll have the opportunity to make candles in a cool BYOB and BYO food setting.  That’s right create holiday decorations or gifts while enjoying a great meal and drinks while doing it.  The sessions are typically 75 minutes and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other as well as make new friends. The evening will also include a complimentary glass of champagne for each guest and a Polaroid picture for your group to take home.


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


Have you ever been to a Christmas tree lighting?  It feels like a New Year’s countdown just without all the champagne.  In Philly there are many tree lighting ceremonies taking place in including City Hall tree lighting, E. Passsyunk, the RiverRink, Rittenhouse as well we the one at The Betsy Ross House.  Wherever you decide, it’s always a great time and a great date.  Enjoy plenty of hot cocoa (or a Toddy) and take in the scenery.


Warm Up Your Vocals

What better tradition is there than caroling.  This lost social art brings the community together to project great vibes.  Gorgas Park is hosting a caroling night where you can join in on the fun and sing classic holiday tunes in a festive atmosphere.  Caroling night takes place December 1st,  just in time to kick-off the Christmas season.


Take in a Live Show

There is no shortage of great live venues in Philly.  It’s also safe to say that many great acts come to this city on a weekly basis.  From rock to hip hop to jazz and everything else you can think of can be found here.  If it’s been a while since you and your boo say a live show, now’s the time.  We actually put together a list of the 7 hottest concerts happening this month.  Check it out here.

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