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 5 Things Singles Can Do in Philly To Make Valentine’s Day Amazing!

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 5 Things Singles Can Do in Philly To Make Valentine’s Day Amazing!

 5 Things Singles Can Do in Philly To Make Valentine’s Day Amazing!

 5 Things Singles Can Do in Philly To Make Valentine’s Day Amazing!

Okay so the big V-Day is around the corner and you’re going to be solo.  Whether it’s by choice, a break up, or you’re just doing you, either way it’s no reason to stay in! That’s right, while all the couples are paying for over priced flowers are pre-fixed meals you can be out living your best life.  To make Valentine’s Day more enjoyable for singles in the city we put together a short list of 5 things singles can do in Philly to make Valentine’s Day amazing! Check it out.




So this is more “pre-Valentine’s Day” but still worth putting on your list. Get your heart on with Awkward Sex… and the City’s f*cking funny Valentine Bad Romance weekend special!

Five comedians (four women, one dude) packed into a 90 minute show, breaking barriers about sex, relationships, dating taboos, and more while making you laugh hysterically. The show pairs sexual inclusion with humor swimmingly and sheds light on the awkward universal experience we all know and love (for the most part).

But that’s not all!!! At Awkward Sex… and the City’s fucking funny Valentine Bad Romance weekend special we will be raffling off some sexy giveaways!


“Just Another Friday”

Feb. 14th | South Bowl

This is for my #foreveralone crowd.  It’s time to call up some of your single friends to mix and mingle at South Bowl.  Since South Bowl doesn’t take reservations, there’s always a lane waiting for you.  This is a perfect opportunity to mix things up with other groups and possibly get struck by cupid’s arrow.


Anti-Valentine’s Day Axe Throwing

Feb. 13th | Urban Axes

Another pre-Valentine’s Day event but this may be a can’t miss.  There are probably a few folks reading this that may need to let out a little anger.  Perhaps you’re going through a messy break-up, your crush left you on read, or you just keep striking out.  Well, Urban Axes is letting you vent the best way possible.


Take in a Cabaret Show

Feb. 14th | Fabrika


Philly’s newest and most interesting entertainment spot is the perfect place for singles to congregate.  This may be the perfect place to round up your friends and take in a show.  Heck, you may even want to take in a show solo and play the bar.  You never know who you may run into at this wild and adventurous spot.


Feb. 14th | Underground Artsstory slam

Why not take the opportunity on Valentine’s Day to let the world know just how much a piece of shit your ex was?

First Person Arts’ 10th Annual StorySlam Ex-Files is our biggest StorySlam of the Year! Bring your friends, your main squeeze, your ex, or just come by yourself to laugh and cry at true stories of loves lost and found.

Shakespeare wrote, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is a winged cupid painted blind”. In this new decade, we want to hear your stories of how you have been blinded by love OR how love can make you see with much more clarity. Whether you have a story to tell or an ear to hear one, fly on into our Ex-Files!

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