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7 Things to do With Leftover Candy

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7 Things to do With Leftover Candy

So Halloween is over and you may have a bunch of candy laying around.  Either you overstocked for the trick or treaters or your child did exceptionally well this year going door to door. Whatever the case maybe, you may want to find new creative ways to get rid of excess candy.  Well here are 7 easy and cool things to do with your leftover candy.

Make Blizzards/Milkshakes


You no longer have to travel to DQ or McDonalds for an awesome candy milkshake or blizzard.  Pair your candy with ice cream and use your blender to make your own buttercup, M&M, or snicker milkshake treat!


Use it in a Piñata


Planning a bday or house party soon? Why not use the extra candy to stuff in a piñata.  Piñatas add an element of fun kids and adults can enjoy.  So why not incorporate one into your next party, you do have the candy to stuff it with after all.


Pair Candy with Wine


Obviously this is adult only.  If you’re a wine drinker, chocolate is a great pairing.  Incorporate the chocolate as you would say cheese and crackers.  Invite friends over for a wine get-to-gether and treat your guests to something sweet.


Homemade Trailmix


Homade trailmix is a great way to get rid of extra candy without getting a bellyache.  Get some nuts, yogurt bites, dried fruit, and shake it all up.  Your homemade trailmix ill be great for a snack at work or for your kids lunch as a treat.


Bake it into a Cake


Spice up dull cake or cupcake recipes and find new and creative ways to incorporate leftover candy into your next baking session.  Candy pairs perfectly with baked goods.


Create Chocolate Martinis


The extra chocolate pieces can make for great martini recipes that call for chocolate.  Invite friends over or indulge solo.  Chocolate martinis are the best ways for an adult to make a dent in the candy stockpile.


Bring them to Thanksgiving


Either as a snack or incorporate candy into Thanksgiving recipes.  For instance candy corn can be used to make the yams.  Use them with marshmallows or as a replacement.  It will add a cool new surprise at the dinner table.

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