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6 Philly Halloween Date Ideas That Won’t Spook Your Wallet

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6 Philly Halloween Date Ideas That Won’t Spook Your Wallet

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6 Philly Halloween Date Ideas That Won’t Spook Your Wallet

Halloween is now days away.  For those looking to do other things besides getting black out drunk from jungle juice at a house party, we have a few suggestions.  Well actually suggestions more so for those dating, “getting to know someone”, tinder dating or whatever you want to call it these days.  So you want to do something cool with someone you’re interested in but don’t want to break the bank.  No problem.  Luckily for you our Event Page is littered with all the hot events happening in the city.  To help you navigate through the some clutter we put a financial filter on our results and came up with 6 Philly Halloween Date Ideas That Won’t Spook Your Wallet.  So call, text, DM or whatever you gotta’ do and start planning your dates now!




Pumpkin Picking


For the most part guys will think it’s corny buuuut in all honesty it’s pretty cool.  Tap into your inner child and leave the confines of the city for a bit.  You’ll enjoy the natural fresh air, serene surroundings open spaces with actual vegetation.  This is the perfect opportunity to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and actually talk and have conversations as well as create a memory that will last. The best part is when you’re done goofing off in the field and find your pumpkin, ya’ll can come home crack open a bottle of liquor and carve out a jack-o-lantern.  Maybe place bets on whose is the best. Bottom line is a woman will forget all the times a dude took her to the movies but won’t forget the guy that helped recreate a childhood memory.  Click here to see a full list of the best places to go pumpkin picking around Philly.


Candlelight Hike


Get a taste of the country life right here in the city.  The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education is hosting an event on October 29th “Halloween Hikes & Hayrides.”  Their description of the event sounds like the perfect event to take a date and enjoy sights and sounds of Philly you normally don’t get to experience.  Here’s your chance to plan a hike through a candlelight forest and meet nocturnal animals along the way.  At the end of the adventure hikers can enjoy a campfire and s’more session.  (Just be sure that your date is not scared of forrest animals or this could turn disastrous).  Click here to learn more about this event. 


Scary Movies at the Piazza


You may or may not have seen our post on the free movies being played at The Schmidt’s Commons (Piazza).  Whatever you call it this days, the big screen there has been a hub especially when there’s a big game on.  To capture that true Halloween vibe, the big screen at the Schmidt’s Commons will be showing classic horror flicks now until the first week of November.  This is the perfect opportunity to grab a few beach chairs, a warm blanket (pack some snacks and a some “drinks”) and have a cost effective date night.  It’s cool, romantic and afterwords you won’t have to go far if you plan on getting a bite or more drinks.  Click here for the full list of movies playing.


Halloween Festivals


On October 22nd Manayunk is kicking off the Halloween festivities with a “Halloween in Manayunk” celebration complete with costume parade, live entertainment and of course plenty of food.  Looking for more festive vibes with music and entertainment?  Well on October 29th East Passyunk is hosting “Fall Fest & Spooky Saturday.”  Stroll the ave with a date and enjoy outdoor grilling, outdoor bar, craft show, live music, and more. Perfect opportunity to enjoy a fall festival with a cool Halloween atmosphere.  If you’re looking to bring out the inner child in you and have a real playful date, PumpkinFest which will take place on October 29th at the South Street Headhouse District will have cool activities such as pumpkin painting and more.  Festivals are a cool way to enjoy your date without having to be in a stuffy restaurant.  What’s more romantic than sitting on a curb with a date chowing down on primo food truck grub?


Bar Crawl Anyone?


It just so happens that you and your suitor share a love for beer.  Yea you can hit up the nearest watering hole and throw back a few pints like any other day or you can partake in a Halloween bar crawl.  The Witch CRAFT Beer Crawl takes place October 26th and is a pretty cool time to spend with a date.  The $6.66 admission gets you a cool witch hat for the crawl.  This pretty much breaks the ice and lightens the mood.  The bar crawl takes place along E. Passyunk with over a dozen bars to visit along the crawl.  What better way to enjoy craft and and someone else’s company?  It’s a win-win.  For more info on the Witch CRAFT Beer Crawl click here.


Mutter Museum


What better way to spend Halloween than at Philly’s creepiest museum.  The Mutter is hosting two cool events Halloween weekend that is perfect for science loving couples or those that are just into weird shit.  October 27th, the 2nd Annual Mischief Night takes place where guests get to dress up in costumes, tour the museum and enjoy an onsite bar.  It definitely beats the run-of-the-mill bar scene.  So you can’t make it to Mischief Night? No sweat because on October 30th The Mutter is hosting a Day of the Dead Festival complete with traditional ofrenda, sugar cookie skull decorating, paper flower making and more hands on activities.  It’s essentially a cool Halloween version of paint night.  All in all it’s a dope and different place to celebrate Halloween with a date.

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