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6 Brand New Restaurants in Philly That You Need to Check Out!


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6 Brand New Restaurants in Philly That You Need to Check Out!

6 Brand New Restaurants in Philly That You Need to Check Out!

Okay so its been a while since we hit you guys off with the inside scoop to new grub.  Luckily there has been a flurry of new food spots opening all over Philly.  From dessert spots to classic Italian to fast and healthy, there’s at least one place on this list you’ll end up at sooner or later.  For those hard core foodies I am sure you’re treat these places like Pokemon and try to catch them all.  Here are 6 Brand New Restaurants in Philly That You Need to Check Out, enjoy!

Teassert Bar

227 N. 10th St.  | Open Now!


Thai ice cream spots have been all the rage this summer but it looks like one spot is taking it up another level.  Teassert provides some over the top creations including this waffle cone sunndae.  In addition to their Thai ice cream, Teassert also serves up some of the best bubble tea in the city.  This is a definite place to have on your places to go list!


La Mula Terca BYOB

2053 S beechwood St. | Open Now!


Anyone up for some BYOB Latin American street food? Of course you are.  This brand new spot located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Point Breeze is blazing trails.  The brain child of Israel Nocelo (head bartender at Zavino) & Arturo Lorenzo (owner of Cafe y Chocolate), this place is authentic as they come.  Here you’ll find South American inspired dishes, tapas, fresh ingredients and great atmosphere.


Butcher Bar

2034 Chestnut | Early August


No word yet on the official date so you’ll have to keep checking back but trust us when we say it will be worth the wait.  In an area of town known for high brow cuisine and ultra healthy boutique food spots, Butcher Bar will be a nice change of pace. Expect meaty dishes such as Yards IPA Sauage (infused with actual Yards IPA), Sloppy Joe Poutine with wagyu and pepperjack cheese and The Hipster which is a meatball sandwich with chickpeas and avacado creme fraiche (we have no idea what that is but it sounds delicious).


Gigi Italian Bistro(BYOB)

4357 Main Street | Open Aug. 3rd


Ayo, Manayunk residents this one is a gem.  This old school Italian bistro is serving up food that an old South Philly nonna would be proud to eat.  This place is BYOB which is another plus because the best thing about great Italian food is being able to bring your own wine.


Aroma (BYOB)

1120 Pine St. | Mid August


Here’s another Italian spot to try but this one is in good ol’ Washington Square West.  The former location of the Farm & Fisherman, Aroma looks to add a modern twist to classic Italian cuisines and of course it’s BYOB. Headed by Chef Antonio Cardillo of La Veranda, La Buca, La Collina and Cribo,  there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this spot.


Real Food Eatery

207 S. 16th St. | Open Now


One of the biggest complaints among dieters or people “trying to watch what they eat,” is that there are no cheap, fast and healthy options.  Well that argument is out window.  The Real Food Eatery opened recently in Center City and it has uber healthy options at more than reasonable prices.  The meal pictured above featuring white rice, grilled-to-order chicken, chickpeas and broccoli will set you back about $10.  The best part is the Chipotle style service so you pick your food as you go and you’re in and out in no time!

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