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5 Unique Philly Date Ideas

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5 Unique Philly Date Ideas

Feature image via todayszaman.com

5 Unique Philly Date Ideas


Laurel Hill Cemetery

3822 Ridge Ave. | (215) 228-8200


History nerds have dubbed this spot The Underground Museum but the cool kids have caught on.  This 78 acre plot of land is not just a cemetery but a National Historic Landmark. So why is it a date spot? Well for starters this cemetery consistently has cool events such as themed tours, fireside story telling, star gazing as well as outdoor movie nights during the summer months. It doesn’t get much more unique than this.


Jim Loewer Glass Blowing

1241 Carpenter St. | (267) 243-5843


Image via Sidetour.com

Memories should not be the only thing being created on a date.  A glass blowing class is definitely a cool way to bond during a date.  Learn a skill and create glass objects you can take home. I mean think of all the countless movies you forgot you saw? This is definitely something that’s memorable and you get a cool keepsake to remind yourself of the great time you had.

Sleepover at a Museum


This one will require a little research on your part.  Several museums in the area have sleepovers including the Penn Museum, The Franklin Institute, The Mütter Museum and more.  It’s not just for nerds and history buffs either.  Sleepovers include cocktails, meals, behind the scene tours and fun activities.  It’s a nice way to break away from the bar scene and do something that’s fun and educational. Besides how many opportunities do you get to snuggle under a real life T-Rex skeleton?


Yoga & Wine


The demographic is shifting and Philly and the young hip crowd is into hip trends.  There’s nothing new about yoga as there is nothing new about wine tastings.  But combine the two and you have a pretty solid date.  Stretch your limbs and get a little tipsy afterwards. We’re sure testosterone and estrogen will fill the air on this date.  There are several yoga studios in the area that offer yoga & wine night.  Find one in your neighborhood.


Beer Brewing Classes


Image via thegirlandherbeer.com

This may require a bit of commitment.  Although there are one-off beer brewing classes such as Invasive Brewing, many brewing classes are just that, actual classes you mus register for.  The Philly Beer School and the Philadelphia Home Brew Club offer courses and meet-ups that could be a fun new event couples can look forward to. Who knows, you and your significant other could wind up making your own love potion.

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