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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Holiday Baking Is Flawless

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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Holiday Baking Is Flawless

The Holidays are all about yummy eats and sweet treats, but if the thought of going anywhere near a kitchen fills you dread, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Avery Goldman,

Avery Goldman, owner of The Baker’s Jar (625 S. 16th St), knows her way around an oven and has spent several years in bakeries and catering companies around the city before choosing to focus on a place of her own. Since 2014, she has been putting a new spin on classic cakes, pies, and puddings by perfectly portioning and packaging them in Mason jars. Check out Avery’s top 5 tips to your baking blues into holiday happiness.

1) When baking cookies, you always want to make sure your butter is at room temperature. It makes it much easier to whip it with the sugar! This will save you time and energy!

2) If you refrigerate cookies overnight and then bake them the next day, they hold their form better. It’s not necessary, but it might be the extra step that gets you some recognition at the office holiday party!

3) Ice cream scoops are easy and mess-free ways to scoop batter! It’s that’s simple! No more heavy duty clean up needed and it helps to ensure your cookies come out semi-uniform!

4) Make sure you follow the recipe. Baking isn’t like cooking. You don’t have the same amount of freedom.

5) Cakes and pies are OK to stay out of the fridge for 2-3 days, but I would put them away sooner, rather than later!

Bonus Pro-Tip…
Most importantly, have fun!!! Put on your favorite music and grab the nearest libation. Although baking for the holidays can be stressful, it’s important that you enjoy yourself while doing it!

Still having a hard time and just can’t get it right? Let someone else do the work. Stop by The Baker’s Jar and pick up some of their delicious holiday cakes and pies! Happy Holidays!

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