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15 New Year’s Resolutions Every Philadelphian Should Make for 2015


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15 New Year’s Resolutions Every Philadelphian Should Make for 2015

Take Advantage of Free Museums & Pay as You Wish

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While you’re buzzing around the city to and from work or running errands chances are you’ve passed several museums throughout the city.  Some are hard to spot while others are very prominent. Museums are a great way to experience art, culture, and history first hand and the best part is many offer FREE admission.  In fact the grand daddy of all museums, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, or as we affectionately call ‘The Art Museum’ offers Pay as You Wish every first Sunday of each month and every Wednesday after 5 pm.  So basically you can flip them a penny and you’re in there like swimwear.  However, we do recommend you shell out a little more than that.


Lay-Off The Cheesesteaks and Take a Cooking Class


If there’s one thing to do in this town, it’s eat.  However, as many of us grow older we have to take more consideration of what we put into our bodies.  (Yes, that means less 2 am cheesesteak runs).  If you’re anything like me you have about 10 take-out menus piled in your kitchen drawer.  As a great way to break the cycle take up a cooking class.  There are tons of cooking classes available throughout the city and the hours are pretty flexible. Not only will you be eating better but you’ll also pick up a life skill.  Side note to the fellas out there, ladies love a guy that can cook. Hint Hint.

Read A New Book in A New Park


Of course now isn’t the ideal time to be out on a park bench trying to defrost your fingers to turn the pages, but it’s definitely something you want to table for the Spring time.  The city is littered with cool parks and green spaces that come alive during the warmer months.  So if you plan to read more this year or already an avid reader, why not heighten the experience with an adventure by exploring a new park in a different part of town.


Attend a Comedy Show


Philadelphia is notoriously known for making unflattering lists such as most depressed and most stressed city in America.  Actually we tend to be prominent on both lists so what better way to unwind than to get some good laughs.  Luckily for you we already did the leg work and came up with a list of the Top 5 Places to Get a Good Laugh in Philly.  So if work, school, or a relationship has you about to pull your hair out, take a trip to one of our listed venues because laughter is definitely the best medicine.


Visit a New BYOB in a Different Part of Town


(Credit VisitPhilly.com for Image)

Philly has tons of awesome BYOBs.  It’s actually one of the upsides of our wacky liquor laws.  However, if you’re always at the same spots with the same people of course things will start to get boring and repetitive. So if Fishtown and Northern Liberties are the only places you like to hang out at, step outside your comfort zone.  There are a ton of new and upcoming restaurants all over town such as Graduate Hospital, Pennsport, and University City. So go ahead mingle with the crowds over a pitcher of margarita and see Philly in a new light.




Like with any city Philly has its issues. Unfortunately social media has paved away for slacktivism and less action. So find what issues speak to you the most whether it’s education, poverty, drug addiction and become apart of the solution. Use 2015 to make a conscious effort to help and connect with those less fortunate instead of just liking and sharing stories on Facebook. After all it is The City of Brotherly Love.


Support a Small Business Once a Month


Sure big name department stores are convenient because it saves time and sometimes money.  However, mom & pop stores may also have what you’re looking for and in many cases better quality.  So whether you’re looking for music, furniture, clothing, or life essentials try an seek out a small business and help the home team out. Not only are you helping to stimulate the local economy you may realize that locally made items are far better than the massed produced junk some of the big retailers are selling.




Tailgating at a rival’s stadium might be too ambitious so let’s take baby steps.  If you live in Philly whether or not you love sports, tailgating is something everyone in town should experience.  The comradery is second to none.  The beer flows, the food sizzles, and the smells tingle your senses.


Attend an Open Mic


Philadelphia has always produced musical talent.  Going back in time to acts like Chubby Checker, The Stylistics, Hall & Oats to more current acts such The Roots, Jill Scott, and rap star Meek Mill.  Why not put your ear to the street and possibly witness a star in the making.  If you’re unsure where to go, no sweat. We put together a list of the Top 5 Open Mics in Philly.  These venues cover acts from R&B to rock to hip hop, so no matter your taste there’s a seat waiting for you.


Attend a Few Trivia Nights


It’s one thing to eat healthy and exercise your body but it may be in your best interest to exercise your noggin as well.  Chances are your favorite watering hole hosts a trivia night.  Not only will you experience your bar in a different way, it’s a chance to connect with your neighbors and fellow Philadelphians as well as keep your mind sharp.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the online world and connect with others in real life.


Shop Local Farmer’s Markets

FM 23pine

Not only is this an opportunity to eat better but you’re also helping a small business’ in the process.  Some markets are seasonal while others are all-year-round.  Not sure where to shop? Well here’s Your Guide to Philly’s Farmer’s Markets.  So whether you wanna get into juicing or just want the freshest produce it doesn’t get any better than these stands.


Attend Outdoor Movies


As with reading a book in a new park, you’ll have to wait until things warm up a bit to take advantage of this resolution.  However, each summer parks and venues all over the city transform their outdoor spaces into to open air theaters.  From family movies to action pack flicks there is something for everyone. It’s not only a great way to experience some of the city’s park but it’s also a nice break from the typical theaters.


Attend First Fridays


First off it’s FREE, secondly it’s actually fun.  First Fridays, which occurs on the 2nd St. corridor in Old City (just North of Market St.) is a monthly event where local and outside artists showcase their works in various galleries.  It’s a great opportunity to be exposed to art, photography, and sculptures as well as connect with other attendees.  If you’re single this is a perfect place to mingle.  If you’re in a relationship this is a great place to go on a date.  So there’s no excuse not to attend.  Did I mention some galleries even offer complimentary wine?


Explore New Running Trails

Pennpack trail lets you become one with nature

If  you’re like most people getting fit is at the top of your resolutions.  The easiest way to do so without a gym membership is to hit the ground running, literally.  Believe it or not the city has some great scenic running trails.  From urban landscapes to heavily wooded trails.  Whatever scene you want to enjoy it’s all here.  So if you want to take a break from running around you’re neighborhood or your treadmill then hit the trails. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Running Trails in Philly.


Support the Arts


At any given day there’s a live performance happening in the city.  Whether a play, a ballet, or an orchestra, Philly is spoiled when it comes to the arts.  If this isn’t you’re scene that’s even more reason to put this down as you’re resolution.  Make 2015 the year to step outside of your comfort zone and experience theater.  Plenty of classic off-Broadway plays pass through Philly as well as original performances.  Check out our Events page and see what’s happening in the city and explore a theater near you.

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