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UPenn Grads are the Least Dateable According to a New Survey

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UPenn Grads are the Least Dateable According to a New Survey

It may come as a surprise but it seems that UPenn grads are the least dateable according to new survey. You may remember a few weeks back when Playboy named UPenn the top party school in the nation (story here). Well it looks like the Quakers makes another top list, but this one is nothing to brag about.  In a recent survey by online dating site The Dating Ring, UPenn ranks 8th in the nation among the least dateable collegiate grads.

If you are like me, you’re probably wondering how they are able to calculate such a list.  Well according to the site, a total of 1,600 people were surveyed and produced 7,500 dating feedback reports over an 18 month period.  The purpose of the survey was to see which college alumni were the most enjoyable dates.

According to the results New York’s Colgate University has the distinguished honor of being the most dateable while Massachusetts’ Babson College produces the least dateable alumni.  It is fair to point out that the survey was skewed in terms of geography since 80% of those surveyed live in New York City and 19% reside in San Francisco, while others live in various regions.

Dubbed the “anti-tinder” The Dating Ring’s app helps singles find connections by producing the Facebook profile pictures and basic info from potential suitors.  If users find they are interested in a suggested match the app then connects the potential love birds in a private messaging system, where they can text sweet nothings to eachother. Originally launched in San Francisco, The Dating Ring has recently expanded to New York City.  Either way it looks like users feel that the UPenn party animals seldom evolve to datable partners.  Here is the actual lists:


1. Babson College

2. University of Chicago

3. Rutgers University

4. University of Washington

5. Michigan State University

6. Binghamton University

7. University of California, Berkeley

8. University of Pennsylvania

9. Princeton University

10. University of California, Santa Barbara



1. Colgate University

2. Lehigh University

3. University of Texas Austin

4. University of Southern California

5. McGill University

6. University of Delaware

7. San Francisco State University

8. Boston University

9. Northwestern University

10. Williams College

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