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The Philadelphia Film Festival IS Giving Away Free Tickets! Here’s How to Get Yours!

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The Philadelphia Film Festival IS Giving Away Free Tickets! Here’s How to Get Yours!

The Philadelphia Film Festival IS Giving Away Free Tickets! Here’s How to Get Yours!

The Philadelphia Film Festival IS Giving Away Free Tickets! Here’s How to Get Yours!

The Philadelphia Film Society (PFS) is proud to announce that PFS on Us will continue for the 27thPhiladelphia Film Festival (PFF). PFS on Us will provide complimentary tickets to all festival films in the American Independents and Documentary Showcase categories. Dates, times, and locations for each title are available at

American Independents, Presented by Gentleman Jack: Featuring powerful new voices in American cinema, these fresh, gritty films explore a variety of subjects through the filmmaker’s uncompromising vision.

  • At First Light – In this inventive sci-fi indie, a teenage boy puts everything on the line to protect his longtime crush after she come in contact with other-worldly forces.
  • Little Woods – Jeopardizing the final days of her parole, the defeated Ollie makes one last illegal trip across the Canadian border with her estranged sister to save themselves and the ones they love.


  • Pet Names – A young woman facing a quarter-life crisis makes the impromptu decision to invite her estranged ex-boyfriend (and his dog) on a fateful camping trip In this insightful indie dramedy.


  • Prospect – While searching for valuable gems on a remote moon, a teenage girl and her treasure-hunting father find themselves besieged by ruthless criminals in this brainy sci-fi adventure.


  • Simple Wedding – In this winning romantic comedy, a young Iranian-American woman is caught between her traditional first generation parents and her new white boyfriend. Could a wedding be the answer?


  • Thunder Road – A young police officer’s struggles reach a breaking point in this grim yet awkwardly endearing character study effortlessly adapted from the Sundance grand-prize winning short of the same name.


  • Write When You Get Work – A young woman struggling to get by in New York City finds her fragile existence upended when an alluring figure from her past inserts himself into her life and begins stirring up trouble.


Documentary Showcase, Presented by Xfinity: Comprising the best in documentary filmmaking, these compelling films feature everything from stirring character studies to fascinating looks at current global issues.

  • The Devil We Know – This searing new documentary exposes a mega-corporation’s active complicity and refusal to admit accountability in the poisoning of Americans with toxic chemicals.
  • Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Alies – This damning portrait chronicles the turbulent life and career of disgraced former Fox News tycoon Roger Ailes, who flamed out amid a barrage of sexual harassment allegations.
  • General Magic – An unexpected look into one of Silicon Valley’s most dramatic failures, this doc recounts the story behind the company often credited with designing the world’s first smartphone.
  • Inventing Tomorrow – Six remarkable teen inventors from around the world compete in a prestigious science fair presenting their best ideas for creating lasting solutions for local environmental problems.
  • Shirkers – Both a film-within-a-film and a beguiling mystery, Sandi Tan’s captivating documentary attempts to piece together the long lost feature she made as a teen and track down the man who stole it from her.


  • They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead – The latest feature from Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville, They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead is an engrossing look into the life and career of legendary director Orson Welles and the making of his final film, The Other Side of the Wind.
  • This One’s for the Ladies – An empowering and refreshingly honest look at female sexuality and solidarity, this eye-opening documentary follows Newark’s Nasty Boyz exotic dance troupe and the ladies who love them.

“We are thrilled to bring back the PFS on Us program for this year’s festival! We aim for the festival to be accessible to all members of the Philadelphia community,” said Andrew Greenblatt, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Film Society. “This program makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the year’s best cinema.”

PFS on Us is a free ticketing program that makes the Philadelphia Film Festival easily accessible to K-12, university students, nonprofit organizations, and individuals throughout the region. In 2016, PFS on Us was expanded into a year-round film engagement program, and provides year-round cinematic programming for a number of diverse communities, including families, minorities, low-income communities, and international groups. Beyond the Festival, access is provided to Passport to World Cinema, and Philly Film Showcase. Over 10,000 PFS on Us tickets were reserved in the program’s first full year.

Reserve online at, order through the Festival Call Center at 215-422-4570, or reserve in person. Limit 2 tickets per film for each individual reservation.  Free ticket packages of 10 tickets or more (per film) for community groups, arts, cultural, and social service organizations, college and universities, and more can be reserved by contacting

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