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We got the scoop on what’s on the rise this week. Train, Aloe Blacc, and Boyz II Men are back in the mix. Check out they’re latest videos and let us know what you think.

Train – Angel In Blue Jeans

Train released the video for their top 40 hit, ‘Angel in Blue Jeans’ featuring Danny Trejo. The video shows the ‘Machete’ star in a familiar role as a gun toting, motorcycle riding bad ass. It starts off a little awkward with Trejo mouthing the lyrics to the song as he walks toward the nearby watering hole to save his love interest. Train’s, Patrick Monahan plays the villain. The song is catchy and thoughtful. The video is creative and well done. Train’s next album, ‘Bulletproof Picasso’ drops September 16th.

Aloe Blacc – Hello World (The World is Ours)

Hello World is an inspiring track with the video having been filmed in Detroit and in a modern urban church ruin. The visuals tell the story of hoodied individuals who at first appear to be up to no good, as they are stereotypically painted as troublemakers. It goes to show how our perceptions can be wrong. The hoodied kids are actually helping to shape the world around them in a positive way. The song is a powerful track. Aloe Blacc provides content to uplift and inspire. Though the video was only recently released, the song has been featured on the FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil Album.

Boyz II Men – Yes
In a more humorous video, Boyz II Men helps burger chain Wendy’s pitch the return of their pretzel bacon burger by singing actual customer tweets as lyrics. Though it sounds kind of cheesy (no pun intended), the video is entertaining. If your waiting for some serious music from the trio then you’re in luck; Boyz II Men is poised to release their album ‘Collide’ on September 3oth.

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