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Port Richmond Thriftway Will Now Sell Beer

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Port Richmond Thriftway Will Now Sell Beer

Looks like South Philly isn’t the only part of town to pick up cold brew at a supermarket.  The Thriftway located at 2497 Aramingo Ave. in the Port Richmond section of the city, will now carry beer.  As you may or may not have seen our previous story on the Acme in South Philly (Story here), PA has strict laws when it comes to selling brews.

The law requires that an area to seat a minimum of 30 people is required.  In order to do so Thriftway literally tore out their frozen food section to make room for the café like area.  The area according to law must be separate designated area from the rest of the store’s produce.  In addition, beer must be sold at separate registers. So don’t expect to hit register 4 with your cinnamon toast crunch, milk, bread, and Dogfish Head.  There will be separate registers to ring up your beer.

Port Richmond Thriftway representatives stated that a good chunk of money was spent making the necessary changes but they feel the revenue generated from the new beer section will more than make up for it.  Up until now local distributors and beer stores have had a choke hold on the beer market.  The grand opening is slated for this weekend and we are sure folks from Port Richmond and nearby Fishtown have now made Thriftway their favorite supermarket.


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