Philly's Longest Running House Music Event, "The Shakedown" is Celebrating its 22nd Anniversary - Wooder Ice
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Philly’s Longest Running House Music Event, “The Shakedown” is Celebrating its 22nd Anniversary

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Philly’s Longest Running House Music Event, “The Shakedown” is Celebrating its 22nd Anniversary

Philly’s Longest Running House Music Event, “The Shakedown” is Celebrating its 22nd Anniversary

If you’re a house music fan in Philly, chances are you found yourself at a Shakedown party. Now in its 22nd year, The Shakedown looks to ring in double deuces with a bash at Warehouse on Watts  (923 N Watts St.) Saturday, October 14th from 9 pm – 3 am featuring  Jimpster (live) + Rick Wade as well as several other acts.

The Shakedown has been Philadelphia’s longest running house music event for 22 years consistently every 2nd Saturday of the month. It was created by Rob Paine & Willyum as a showcase for the artists releasing on Worship Recordings. Rob & Will felt the void in Philly for this kind of music being presented the way it was meant to be. So they took a page out of the Jamaican sound system culture and created their own machine that is still in use to this day

After taking four years off, Rob & Will are looking to celebrate their 22nd anniversary party along side acts including Jimpster (live set – UK), Rick Wade (Detroit),  and Ty Salone (Philly). Guests can expect, “An eclectic & diverse crowd of house music enthusiasts dancing the night away in unity. With no filler or gimmicks. Just quality house music on a proper sound system with some of the best DJ’s in the industry,” states Rob Paine.

“I Never thought we would be doing this event 22 years later when we started it. But as we passed our 10 year mark we knew we had something special that is going to last generations. Always moving forward with the house music movement. Paying respects to those before us while embracing and supporting new artists,” Rob Paine adds.

Last year the duo “welcomed young boul Ty Salone on as a resident jock keeping the forward movements flowing. Acknowledging the creators before us while staying up the the times with the newest sounds in house music. Be prepared to get fully prepped by Rob, Will & Ty’s signature Shakedown sound building the vibes for Jimpster & Rick,” stated Rob.

Tickets to the 22nd Anniversary of The Shakedown are $20-$30 and can be purchased here.

About the artists:

Jimpster (UK) has been a Philly & Shakedown favorite over the years. His sound & soul gel perfectly with every aspect of what the Shakedown event mission is. There is no candy coating going on here. Deep, quality house music at its best. This will be the first time he is bringing his live set to Philly. You are in for a treat.

Rick Wade (Detroit) is new to the Shakedown set but a veteren in the business with a slew of timeless releases on his Harmonie Park imprint. The buzz has been building for a Philly appearance by Rick and we listened.


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