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Philly’s Fashion Impact

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Philly’s Fashion Impact

Philly’s Fashion Impact

Philly’s Fashion Impact

After going to three different Philly Fashion Week events I’ve been thinking a lot about how fashion works. What makes people dress the way they do? And how does what they wear affect them in different ways.


The first show I attended was titled “La Grande Carnival.” This show was extremely unique, with an acrobat, and outfits that were out of the ordinary. The show had a sexy aspect to it and showcased that it’s okay to be different and not fit in with societal norms. Being different is beautiful, and it definitely catches people’s attention.


The second show I went to was “Runway I” which featured many designers, all having different styles. I observed individuality among different outfits. Feeling comfortable in what you wear brings out immense confidence within a person. I also observed people representing their backgrounds and cultures, very proudly at that! Seeing beautiful models strutting with confidence radiated good energy and positivity within myself, along with all of the people watching as well.

The third show I went to was “Luxe Streetwear Show Runway III.” This was my favorite show because it fits my style, and the different collections from each designer all had very different looks and ideas behind them. Culture played a huge role in this show, along with the second show. There was unique dancing, different hairstyles, and a wide range of outfits. The emotions on the designers faces when they come out after their segment is amazing. The hard work and creativity behind each piece of clothing is apparent, and does not go unnoticed.

Fashion is personal, and fashion is an outlet for people to express themselves freely. So wear whatever you want, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

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