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Manatawny Still Works and Sly Fox Brewing Team-Up to Create a Whiskey Beer

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Manatawny Still Works and Sly Fox Brewing Team-Up to Create a Whiskey Beer

Manatawny Still Works and Sly Fox Brewing Team-Up to Create a Whiskey Beer

Manatawny Still Works and Sly Fox Brewing Team-Up to Create a Whiskey Beer

Located just up the road from one another, Manatawny Still Works (MSW) and Sly Fox Brewing have been doing neighborly deeds for years. Six years to be exact, since Manatawny Still Works first opened its doors in Pottstown. And, did you know they even share an employee? Master Distiller Max Pfeffer is a former Sly Fox brewer!

Today, the two will join forces and co-release a beer and a whiskey (aged three years):

Manatawny Still Works’ Batch 20 (made using the recipe for Sly Fox’s Nihilist Russian Imperial Stout) and Sly Fox’s Nihilist Russian Imperial Stout (aged in MSW barrels that once held the Batch 20 whiskey)

Tasting Notes:

Max Pfeffer of MSW: “For our Batch 20 (part of our ongoing Small Batch series), we took Sly Fox’s Nihilist Stout recipe and distilled it as whiskey, then we let it sit in new oak barrels for three years. Through this collaboration, we show the close relationship between beer and whiskey – they are, essentially, made in the same way. Plus, the roasted malt in the stout recipe translates well to whiskey in the form of cocoa and coffee notes.”

  • Nose – Vanilla, Oak, Apricot, Burnt Sugar
  • Palate – Vanilla, coffee, Malt
  • Finish – Dark Chocolate, Dry

Keith Maynard of Sly Fox: “Our coveted Russian Imperial Stout was carefully aged in Manatawny Still Works’ premium oak cooperage in which a batch of Nihilist whiskey had matured for 3+ years. Rich vanilla and caramel notes imparted by the barrels complement the robust chocolate and roasted malt character of the original liquid and transform the beer into a delicious doppelgänger. With a warm and pleasant denouement, Barrel-Aged Nihilist will get you through the darkest of nights.”


 Where to try them:

    • Wednesday, March 5 – Teresa’s Wayne
      • The restaurant and bar will offer a tasting flight, the beer, and cocktails made with Batch 20
    • Sunday, March 8 – MSW Bake Sale (MSW East Passyunk location)
      • Chef Monica Glass will make an assortment of pastries that incorporate the whiskey and pair well with the beer
      • MSW’s Jennifer Sabatino has made a smart cocktail list featuring several classic cocktails using the whiskey including Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Boulevardier.
    • Thursday, March 12 from 5pm to 8pm – Urban Farmer
      • Foxatawny Spectacular
        • The brewers and distillers will be there to talk to guests about the collaboration
        • Urban Farmer will offer the beer and whiskey at special pricing
        • And they’ve made a menu to pair:
          • House Pretzel- Maple whiskey mustard glaze/Royal Weiss (Sly Fox beer) cheese sauce. $6
          • Beer Brined Wings- whiskey buffalo/goat blue cheese dipping sauce. $9
          • Goat cheese and potato croquettes- stout & Swarmbustin (MSW whiskey) aioli. $5
          • Whiskey pickles- Route 113 herb mustard/Vulpulin ale (Sly Fox beers) bread. $4
          • Goat grilled cheese- stout onions/pea shoots/Keystone Whiskey (MSW whiskey) jam on ale bread. $8
    • Saturday, March 14 – MSW Distillery in Pottstown, PA
      • Dessert by Beverly’s Pastry Shop created a chocolate stout cupcake, made with both the whiskey and the beer as well as a honey whiskey buttercream frosting ($4)
      • 5oz. beer and Batch 20 whiskey shot ($10)
      • Whiskey tastings
    • Sly Fox Pubs
      • Located in Wyomissing, Malvern, Phoenixville, and Pottstown, PA
        • 5oz. beer and Batch 20 whiskey shot ($10)
        • Plus, Beverly’s special cupcake

Where to buy them:

  • The collaboration beer is only available on draft at Sly Fox Brewing locations, the MSW Tasting Room on East Passyunk, at the MSW Distillery, and select bars and restaurants across the area, including those listed above in the Events section.
  • Batch 20 is for sale at any Manatawny Still Works location (Pottstown, Reading Terminal Market, East Passyunk, One Penn Center).
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