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Love Plants, Bubble Tea, and Coffee? Well, The Ground Just Opened a Second Location in Rittenhouse

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Love Plants, Bubble Tea, and Coffee? Well, The Ground Just Opened a Second Location in Rittenhouse

Love Plants, Bubble Tea, and Coffee? Well, The Ground Just Opened a Second Location in Rittenhouse

The Ground Olde-Kensington has graced everyone’s timeline since opening back in 2022. With it’s causal vibes and earthy aesthetics, The Ground’s assortment of plants along with menu of bubble teas, coffee, and more has attracted patrons looking for a cozy cafe to relax in.  Now The Ground has expanded and is bringing those same vibes to Rittenhouse.

Business partners Michelle Miller and Molly Kiriacoulacos announced the grand opening of The Ground Rittenhouse, located at 120 S. 18th Street. The Rittenhouse location is double the size, with room for an even larger selection of curated food, drink and plant offerings. The 1,500 square feet space was transformed from top to bottom into an urban oasis with features that include a refinished coffee and espresso bar, eclectic and comfy cafe seating, unique new interactive bubble booth, Parisian vibes and a hand-painted wall mural of Rittenhouse Square.

Their beverage offerings include  locally roasted beans, a brand new house roast “The Botanist,” an expanded bubble tea program and seasonal specialty offerings. The kitchen offers fresh sweets including flaky pastries, unique breakfast sandwiches and the popular Croffle (South Korean treat that brings together a French Croissant and a Belgian Waffle).

Plant lovers will enjoy everything from petite succulents to trailing vines to statement-making fiddle leaf figs and monsteras – in every size and variety. Doors open on Monday, April 22nd, with initial hours Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 2:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Look for expanded hours with late afternoon and early evening hours to be added later in the spring.


All beans are roasted locally for The Ground, including their all new House roast “The Botanist” which they’re launching in conjunction with the second location.  The Botanist is a signature coffee that celebrates the harmony of nature and nurture.  This blend is perfect for those who appreciate the delicate balance of robust flavors and subtle botanical notes.

Cold Brew
Hot Chocolate
Tea Latte
Matcha Tea Latte
Hot Tea
Iced Tea
House-made Chair Latte
Bubble Tea (see below)
Speciality and Matcha Bubble Tea
Italian Soda


The Ground introduces a brand new and expanded bubble tea program, where every sip is a journey through tantalizing flavors and authentic brewing techniques.

Dive into the rich essence of their freshly brewed Earl Grey tea, meticulously crafted to capture the delicate balance of bergamot and black tea leaves. Each bubble bursts with a symphony of aromatic notes, inviting you to savor the classic elegance of this beloved blend.

Transport yourself to the bustling streets of Thailand with their super traditional Thai tea, expertly prepared to evoke the essence of Thai culture and heritage. With its vibrant hues and robust spices, every sip is a celebration of bold flavors and time-honored recipes passed down through generations.

Embark on a taste adventure with their ceremonial grade Matcha bubble tea, sourced from coveted farms nestled in the heart of Japan. Grown with care and precision, our Matcha is of the highest quality, delivering a velvety smooth texture and a rich, umami-laden taste that lingers on the palate with each indulgent sip.

“We will also be mixing in some of our favorite and unique specials, like our Dr. Diaz, a Dulce de Leche bubble tea made with fresh cinnamon and whole milk, or the Kimberly which is a Korean yogurt inspired base flavor (think pink berry) with a strawberry preserve.  Such an incredible array of interesting takes unique to our little shop,” said Miller.

The bubble tea menu features more than two dozen offerings of signature favorites and rotating seasonal selections, including:

Coconut Custard Pie
Coconut and White Mocha base, traditional  boba, whip and graham crumbles

Rose Pistachio
Rose & Pistachio syrup blended with avocado fruit tea to create a creamy fragrant tea, topped with with whip & rose petals

Strawberry and yogurt syrups with your choice of milk, strawberry puree (no boba)

Buzzy Boba
Salted caramel mocha, double shot espresso, regular boba, whip and sprinkles

Dr. Diaz
Dulce de Leche base with regular boba

Purple Unicorn
Strawberry, Coconut and Taro base with regular boba (kids favorite)

The “Nice” Latte
Vanilla and Dulce de Leche, sprinkle of cinnamon also great with Matcha

Chocolate Cake Mocha
Chocolate cookie crumbles and butter cookie mocha, like drinking your favorite chocolate cake

Golden Milk Steamer or Latte
House-made lightly sweetened blend of turmeric and warming spices, can be prepared as a steamer alone with milk or as a latte with espresso

S’mores Mocha
Mocha with toasted marshmallow syrup, topped with whip and graham

Rose Pistachio Latte
Rose and Pistachio syrups, topped with rose petals

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte
Mocha and Strawberry Puree

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte
Cinnamon cereal milk topped with whip and raw sugar


Look for breakfast and lunch cafe favorites made to order – with a celebration of food and flavor that pair with the coffee and bubble tea program. For the original menu, The Ground celebrates and incorporates influences from Miller’s Korean American experience. The new location will soon add new offerings that will expand on those flavor profiles, while also starting to incorporate items influenced by Kiriacoulacous’ Southern roots.

The opening menu will include a mix of sweet and savory French pastries, along with a tight list of breakfast and lunch croissant sandwiches, and the famous Croffle.

Croffle – A South Korean treat – French Croissant cooked as a Belgian Waffle, topped with whip and choice of syrup, pressed to order, served hot.

Chia Pudding – Assorted every day. Vegan and GF, packed full of chia seeds and natural sweeteners like agave. Details on the menu board. It can contain nuts, coconut, or other fresh or dried fruits.

“Oh Daddy” Sandwich – Two turkey sausage patties, topped with Arugula**, strawberry gochujang sauce and american cheese on a croissant, served hot, Add Korean egg* to make it a “Mega Daddy”

“Oh Mommy” Umami Sandwich – A Korean style egg* topped with melted cheese, fresh tomato, and Japanese yuzu aioli, on a French croissant, served hot, Add on turkey bacon or avocado

TBAT Sandwich – Turkey Bacon, Arugula** and Tomato served on a toasted croissant with Mayo and balsamic glaze, Add avocado, cheese . or egg

French Pastries
(Baked daily, selection varies and rotates)


Plain Beignet (sugared donut)
Filled Beignet (vanilla cream)
Au Chocolat (chocolate filled croissant)
Cinnamon Roll.
Cream Cheese Danish
Peach Danish
Almond Croissant
Tarts (peach, blueberry, or almond)
Coffee Cake (cinnamon and walnut muffin)


Zaatar Croissant (oregano spice mix and sesames)
Ham & Cheese Croissant (bechamel & gruyere)
Plain Croissant


“Our thumbs have gotten a whole lot greener since opening this shop,” said Kiriacoulacous. “But yes, we’ve always loved plants.”

The Ground invites guests to peruse the curated collection of houseplants that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. The Owners take pride in sourcing their plants locally whenever possible to reduce their carbon footprint and support community growers. From petite succulents and trailing vines to statement-making fiddle leaf figs and monsteras, The Ground offers plants of all sizes and varieties to suit every space and skill level. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or a beginner looking to greenify your home, they have the perfect plant for you. The knowledgeable staff is on hand to provide personalized recommendations and expert care tips to ensure that your new leafy companions thrive in their new environment.

Additionally, many of the plants in the cafe come from an expansive greenhouse which Miller built on her property in Mount Airy with the help of Kiriacoulacos. The two will continue this program with an inventory which features a mix of plants grown at home, as well as others sourced from local nurseries. Additionally, the partners compost coffee grinds for their own needs, as well as for the neighborhood.


Looking for the perfect gift? Explore The Ground’s curated selection of unique gifts that are sure to delight your loved ones. From artisanal candles and handmade ceramics to stylish planters and botanical prints, The Ground has something for everyone and every occasion.







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