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If You’re Looking to Style The Fashionisto in Your Life This Christmas, Here’s a Little Help


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If You’re Looking to Style The Fashionisto in Your Life This Christmas, Here’s a Little Help

Ladies, if you have a guy in your life, you might be struggling with Christmas gift ideas. You might know his style like the back of your hand, but if you don’t you might be a little intimidated. Are you getting him something too classy or too tacky? Does he have a favorite brand? No need to fear! The style wishlist is here to help you with all your questions on what to get the fashionisto in your life. He won’t be disappointed on Christmas Day!

Wooderice Style Wishlist: Fashionisto


1. Flannel Shirt: J. Crew $30

Every guy needs a flannel or two. They’re comfy, warm and are a go to staple for guys and girls alike. He can wear it on its own or layer it over a t-shirt for some extra flair.


2. Joggers: H&M $25

Joggers have been in for a while now and are a more stylish alternative to your average sweats. They can be worn at the gym or just to lounge around in. If your guy likes leisure wear, he’ll definitely love these.


3. Socks: J. Crew $8

Socks are a great stocking stuffer that almost every stylish guy needs and wants! These socks are made out of wool so they’re high quality and will last a while. Plus, they’re a total steal.


4. Fossil Bi-Fold Wallet: Macy’s $35

This wallet is simple and neutral. Fossil is known for its durable leather which will last for a long time. This is great for the natural wear that wallets take, especially from being in pant pockets all the time.


5. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban $115

Who doesn’t love Ray-Bans? These are a little on the pricey side, but if they’re within your budget, they’re totally worth it. These shades will be a great complement to any outfit!


6. Duck Boots: Steve Madden $45

That’s right, duck boots are in for guys and girls! He’ll love these warm and comfortable shoes and will be sure to think of you when he has to trek through the snow.


7. Sweater: Gap $65

This super basic sweater will let your guy use his creativity. Whether he accessorizes with a watch and a belt or wears some funky shoes with it, he’ll be happy to have this neutral piece in his closet.


8. Tie: J.Crew $19.50

Your guy has probably had to wear a tie at some point during his life so he most likely owns at least one. That doesn’t mean that he won’t want more! This tie is a little more interesting than a solid tie, but still super classy.


9. Watch: Aldo $35

This looks expensive, but it isn’t! Your guy will never know. He’ll love the versatility of this black watch. It can be worn with casual and more casual outfits as well.


10. Clinique for Men ‘Great Skin for Him’ Set: Nordstrom: $42.75

Guys care about their appearance, too! This set includes a face scrub, an anti-age moisturizer, a post-shave soother and aloe shave gel all packaged in a travel bag. It’s actually a $76.50 value. He’ll thank you for his healthy skin.

So you think your fashionisto needs some of this stuff in his life? Go stock up and show him that you really care (and know) about his awesome sense of style! Happy Holidays!

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