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George Foreman’s Son is Opening Up a Gym In Rittenhouse!

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George Foreman’s Son is Opening Up a Gym In Rittenhouse!

George Foreman’s Son is Opening Up a Gym In Rittenhouse!

George Foreman’s Son is Opening Up a Gym In Rittenhouse!

 EverybodyFights, an award-winning boxing gym, announced today that Philadelphia will be the home of its seventh location, set to open in January 2019. Founded by George Foreman III, son of two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr., EverybodyFights features four classrooms and luxury locker rooms with a class series modeled after an authentic boxer’s training camp. EverybodyFights also has locations in Boston, NYC, Chicago, and Kentucky.

“Philly is rich with boxing history; it’s in their blood,” says George Foreman III. “Philadelphia has been home to some of the greatest boxers of all time, including Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins, and George Benton.” Guys like Bennie Briscoe were not only some of the best fighters ever, but they’re some of the toughest, as well. This city fights hard, no matter what, which is why we’re beyond excited to bring EverybodyFights to the City of Brotherly Love.” 

EverybodyFights Philadelphia will be a 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art boxing gym located on Market Street in the Rittenhouse neighborhood. The facility is designed to have the grit of a traditional boxing gym, delivered in the style of a luxury fitness studio. Slated to feature two full-size boxing rings, a 60-person BAGS (boxing) classroom, 60-person TRAIN (circuit) room, 30-person ROAD (treadmill) classroom, and a 3,000-square-foot open gym area with free weights and cardio equipment, EverybodyFights Philadelphia will also feature luxury amenities such as a full-service locker room with steam room, towel service, blow-dry bars, pro shop, juice and coffee bar, and a lounge area.

“Beyond professional boxing history, Philadelphia has a notable boxing culture extending into its neighborhoods, and even into pop culture with the Rocky and Creed film franchises,” says Foreman III. “The market is ideal for an EverybodyFights location; to us, boxing is more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle, and Philadelphians have owned that as well as any other city.”

EverybodyFights partnered with Brandywine Realty Trust, one of the preeminent full-service integrated real estate companies in the United States with a core focus on Philadelphia, to select its seventh location. Due to its diverse and growing population, and its proximity to Philadelphia’s business district, Brandywine presented the Rittenhouse neighborhood as a perfect location for EverybodyFights. EverybodyFights Philadelphia is scheduled to open in January 2019.


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