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Check Out Our 2016 Temple University Diner en Cherry Recap!


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Check Out Our 2016 Temple University Diner en Cherry Recap!

Check Out Our 2016 Temple University Diner en Cherry Recap!


“…Hail! Alma Mater, Honor, praise to Thee; We pledge our lives, Our hearts in loyalty.”  As a proud Temple alum these words have never rung any truer than this past weekend.  On a patch of North Philadelphia, along the Broad Street corridor is where myself and countless other fellow owls created lifetime memories. The 2016 alumni weekend was a chance for recent and past graduates to come together during the Temple University Diner en Cherry and share their stories and reminisce about a time were life was a bit simpler and a lot more carefree.

Sure the vast majority of college students share many of the same plights, from being broke, all-nighters studying, struggling with a class or learning how to adjust to pre-adulthood. For Temple students however, it just feels a little different.  Within the confines of our 382 square acre campus it was family.  Where other schools may have an air of entitlement or have a sterile aura, attending Temple has that feeling of being home away from home.  No matter how many buildings this school tears down or how many dorms they built up, every square inch of this campus holds memories.  From living off of fourth meals in J&H to hanging out in front of Paley during your 2 hour breaks between classes, the Spring Fling entertainment along Liacouras Walk or sneaking in guests at Temple Towers, it’s much more than a school for many.

Stroll down any street in just about any neighborhood and you’ll find someone rocking a piece of Temple paraphernalia.  It is never about trying to look cool or front as if you went to the school here or not, it’s about pride.  Yes, I understand it sounds cliché to the max.  However, the city of Philadelphia feels more like an extension of Temple’s campus rather than vice versa.

For all alums in attendance, this past weekend was a chance to adorn Temple colors for the Temple University Diner en Cherry.  Although, unable to join in on the Soul Train Line that formed mid-way through the event, the vendors who provided the delicious food and drinks were also Temple alums.  Among the notable restaurateurs who are proud to claim their Temple allegiance were Baby Blues BBQ, The Cow & the Curd, Royal Tea and Little Baby’s Ice Cream.  Providing the sweet tunes and staging was local music incubator REC Philly, which also is headed by a Temple alum.

All-in-all it was a great weekend to be an owl.  Although the campus has transformed and continues to put alumni dollars to good use, it will always be that place where I made my transition from boyhood to manhood.  A place were I learned the value of a buck and the importance of grinding and the need to hustle.  A place where it didn’t matter how much money you grew up with or how how disadvantage you were.  Once you stepped foot on Temple’s campus as a student we all became family. Even after obtaining our degrees our hearts will forever remain loyal to the cherry and white.

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