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5 of the Best Places in Philly to Buy Comic Books!


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5 of the Best Places in Philly to Buy Comic Books!

Feature Image via Ryan Hyde Flickr

5 of the Best Places in Philly to Buy Comic Books!

5 of the Best Places in Philly to Buy Comic Books!



Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

2578 Frankford Ave.

amalgam -comics

Image via Wendy D Yelp

Part comic book store and part coffehouse, this is the perfect place for the adult in use to grab a coffee and pastry while satisfying our inner youth with some comics.  This spacious shop is lined with a great selection of comics with plenty of breakout sections to sit down and enjoy reading right in the shop.  While most shops tend to be grab-and-go, Amalgam has that “homey’ vibe that makes you want to stick around.


 Brave New Worlds

55 North 2nd St.


Image courtesy of geekadelphia.com

This place is definitely customer friendly and oriented.  Featuring midnight release parties, a comic book club where customers earn a free book after 10 graphic novels or trades, as well as a ladies night. In addition Brave New Worlds features a pull program where they will make sure you never miss an issue.  Their newsletter also helps you stay on stop of all the latest releases.  For those into figurines and other comic related collectables, the inventory here is very impressive. In short this place has it all.


Ontario Street Comics

2235 E Ontario St. 


For serious collectors or for those looking to get back into collecting, Ontario Street Comics is a must.  Featuring one of the best back order collections in the region, this place pretty much has everything you’re looking for.  Can’t find it? No problem, the very knowledgeable staff here will find it.  In addition to comics this spot features figurines and games as well.


Atomic City Comics

638 South St. 


Comic junkies will definitely love this place. Even if you are new to the comic world Atomic City draws you in not only with their collection but also with their featured arcade games such as Mortal Kombat, so be prepared to spend hours here.  This place pretty much has it all from books to figurines, to boardgames, Atomic City Comics will help any adult turn back the clock.


Fat Jack’s Comicrypt

2006 Sansom St.


This is a throwback comic store.  A boutique store with plenty of character and great customer service.  Every customer is greeted and the staff is always ready to help. The back order selection here is more than adequate, as comic collectors in Philly keep Fat Jack’s on their short list.  If you’re not impressed when you walk in, the chubby resident cats here will definitely win you over.

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