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5 of The Best Jamaican Food in Philly

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5 of The Best Jamaican Food in Philly

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5 of The Best Jamaican Food in Philly

Okay foodies here’s another list for you guys to check off! Jamaican food is some of the best food around but it’s also one of the hardest to find that is done right.  So many spots claim to offer Jamaican food and most fall flat of authenticity.  Here in Philly finding a great Jamaican spot is like finding a great barber, you pretty much hold on to them for dear life.   The list below are what we consider the Top 5 in the city.  Although most are located in what are deemed as “sketchy” neighborhoods, sometimes you have to go off the beaten path to find the best foods.  Especially Jamaican.  Enjoy!


Little Delicious

4821 Woodland Ave.


Although, “little” is in their title, there’s nothing little about this spot. Known for their large portions, Little Delicious serves up platters that could easily feed two people.  So if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck on some great Jamaican food, this is the spot.  As for taste this place has been serving up flavorful dishes for almost 20 years so you know it’s good.  Off the beaten path this classic hole in the wall joint is one of the best in town and worth the visit.


Jamaican Jerk Hut

1436 South St. 


After being featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, & Drive Dives I had to try this place out.  The only qualm here is the slow service so if you’re in a hurry or impatient this may not be the place for you.  However, the food is worth the wait.   If you are able to make it out to the Jerk Hut before mid October you can take advantage of the Jerk Hut’s take out window located inside the Pop-up park next door.  If you do decide to dine in this place is BYOB so that is always a plus.  Overall a great spot in a chill section of the city that many tend to overlook.


Brown Sugar Bakery & Cafe

219 S 52nd St. 


Probably the most well-rounded place on the list, Brown Sugar Bakery & Cafe serves great Jamaican style breakfast and pastries to go along with their lunch and dinner platters. So you can start your day with salt fish, stewed pumpkin, soya salami or a host of other Jamaican delicacies for breakfast and end it with a plate of traditional meals such as curried goat, oxtail, or jerk chicken.  Not to mention a host of Jamaican pastries in-between meals such as currants rolls, an assortment of turnovers, and sweet buns.  Overall this place has all the authentic Jamaican food you crave, no matter what time of day.  However, this place is not really an eat-in spot so more than likely you will have to take your food to go.


Jamaican D’s

1265 E Chelten Ave. (Various Food Truck Locations) 


Jamaican D’s is definitely not a stranger to our site.  If you seen our Top International Food Trucks list, Jamaican D’s earned a well deserved spot.  Highly regarded among locals as one of the best in town it goes without saying that they would make the list.  D’s has become so popular that they even have a fleet of food trucks that are mostly parked at local college campuses.  The food is great, the portions are great, and it is reasonably priced.  Although the main location is not in a fancy shmancy neighborhood, it’s worth a visit for those foodies that love seeking out great food.


Ron’s Caribbean Cafe

5726 N Broad St 


The  neighborhood go-to spot for Jamaican in the Logan section of town, Ron’s has been cranking out great great Jamaican food for about a decade.  Everything from the beef patties to the oxtail and jerk chicken platters are flavorful. The rice & peas that so many Jamaican spots fail to deliver on are cooked to perfection here.  This is a no-nonsense, authentic Jamaican spot that should be on everyone’s list.

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