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3 Ways To Save on Your Summer Vacation

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3 Ways To Save on Your Summer Vacation


Clarence Thompson is owner and founder of Capital Connoisseur Group, LLC, a financial education and consulting company.  Capital Connoisseur Group specializes in financial management including Savings/ Budgeting, Mutual Funds (401(k), IRA), Stock market investing, Estates/ Wills, Insurance (Life and Health), Real Estate financing with over 10 years of financial services experience. Now he is looking to share his expertise advise with you!



3 Ways to Save on your Summer Vacation


Summer Summer Summer Tiiime!! In the words of West Philly’s own Fresh Prince. For most this is the best and most fun time of the year. But how can you reaaaaallly enjoy the summer without taking at least one vacation. Many tend to believe there is some secret bank account that uses a formula that helps those friends and family in your life who you constantly watch travel save up their money for vacation. Now don’t get me wrong some folks really do have it like that (I’m not one of those people) but most others need to do some planning before they wake up and hop on a plane! No matter where you want to go or plan to end up there are plenty of ways to save and reduce your expenses while still enjoying the beautiful sunny beach or cold alpine mountains. I am going to share my 3 easy ways to Save Money on your vacation!



  • Bed and Breakfast- I have fallen in love with these places. They are very comfortable, clean, inexpensive and great for meeting people. These B&B (Bed and Breakfast) locations provide a kitchen for you to cook and store your food which substantially reduces your food costs while saving on your lodging. In some instances I have been able to rent an entire apartment for less than a one nights stays at a 3.5 star hotel. Good resources are AIRBNB.COM and BEDANDBREAKFAST.COM.
  • House Sitter- I know this one sounds crazy to you all reading who have no idea. People will pay you free lodging to watch over and care for their home while THEY are gone away on vacation. It’s a win-win for everyone. Free lodging to watch over a residence…. EASY! Here are some great resources to get you started HOUSECARERS.COM and MINDMYHOUSE.COM.



  • Credit Card- You have to use a credit card to reserve or charge some part of your trip. Why not sign up or start to use the card that offers you the most rewards and incentives. Start to build and redeem the points you accumulate.
  • Lodging/ Car Rental- Many hotel and rental car chains offer returning customer awards and discounts. Be sure to sign up for these benefits especially if you know you enjoy using a  particular company for your services. I like to call this “Keeping it in the Family”.


  • Being able to enjoy a cost effective vacation is all about planning and research. You have to know what your budget can and can’t handle. Being FLEXIBLE is the biggest way you can save. Determine where  you would like to go and start looking peak and off-peak dates. Off-season dates will provide you more flexibility and greater options for your vacation pleasures. Also, consider leaving a day earlier or day later. These small changes can big differences in cost. However, don’t spend too much time debating prices and trying to find a dirt-cheap option because you may miss out on really great deals.



If you have a financial question, please send an email to CThompson@CapitalConnoisseur.com

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