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Who’s Down for a St. Patrick’s Day Haunted House Experience at Lincoln Mill?

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Who’s Down for a St. Patrick’s Day Haunted House Experience at Lincoln Mill?

Who’s Down for a St. Patrick’s Day Haunted House Experience at Lincoln Mill?

If you’re a fan of the horror franchise Leprechaun or just simply miss spooky season, Lincoln Mill  (4100 Main St.) in Manayunk is looking to help you get your fix. Known for being one of Philly’s hottest Halloween attractions, Lincoln Mill has also been celebrating various holidays including their most recent Valentine’s Day haunted night. Now it looks like St. Patrick’s Day is next on their hit list.

On Saturday March 16th, guests will get a chance to test their luck when entering Viktor Kane’s nightmares in this St. Patrick’s themed horror experience.   Escape from vengeful mill workers that transformed into banshees, goblins, and leprechauns. This event is intended infuses live scare-actors, production quality sets, animatronics, and special effects.

“Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration known for parades, drinking, and all things green. We wanted to offer something a bit different to do around this holiday.  There’s also a lot of interesting characters in Celtic mythology that we thought would be interesting to integrate such as leprechauns, banshees, and goblins,” states Co-founderJared Bilsak. “The lighting throughout the attraction has been changed to green and elements of Saint Paddy’s Day have been sprinkled throughout.  Our guests can expect an entirely different experience from our Christmas, Valentine’s, and Fall Season events because of the lighting, the soundtrack, and the character design that have all been changed up for this event,” Jared adds.

So what’s the backstory here? Viktor Kane was haunted by his nightmares as he tossed and turned on Saint Patrick’s Eve.  In his sleep, he was trapped in the green-lit chamber below his mill and was surrounded by his workers.  They transformed into dark creatures and were seeking revenge.  One by one, they emerged, pulling him into the darkness…Awaking in a cold sweat, Viktor feared his workers turning against him and so he devised a plan to punish anyone that threatened his mill’s operation. Tickets are $32 per person and available at lincolnmillhaunt.com. Current Wooder Ice IG subscribers will receive 25% off now through March 15th.

The Legend of Lincoln Mill

In September 2021, Hurricane Ida struck Philadelphia and flooded the Mill to historic water levels. The flood damaged the mill’s interior and revealed a hidden chamber in the basement. Bodies were found and a dark truth was discovered about the mill’s past.   During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, Viktor Kane, the mill owner, tormented and experimented on his workers. Many workers lost their lives and their spirits haunt the mill. Construction has since been halted and the mill is under investigation.

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