Musi BYOB's Cheesesteak "Frizwit" Was Listed on Food & Wine's "The Best Dishes We Ate in 2020" - Wooder Ice
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Musi BYOB’s Cheesesteak “Frizwit” Was Listed on Food & Wine’s “The Best Dishes We Ate in 2020”


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Musi BYOB’s Cheesesteak “Frizwit” Was Listed on Food & Wine’s “The Best Dishes We Ate in 2020”

Photo via Musi BYOB-Patrick Fannon

Musi BYOB’s Cheesesteak “Frizwit” Was Listed on Food & Wine’s “The Best Dishes We Ate in 2020”

Musi BYOB’s Cheesesteak “Frizwit” Was Listed on Food & Wine’s “The Best Dishes We Ate in 2020”

Philly restaurants are no stranger to making lists of great foods in various publications.  However, when it comes to cheesesteaks everyone in town perks their ears up whenever someone mentions the best cheesesteak.  Truth be told everyone in Philly seems to believe that their cheesesteak spot slings the best steaks.  Well Food & Wine just tossed a name out there that seems to have been left off of many local lists.  Musi BYOB’s “Frizwit” cheesesteak landed on Food & Wine’s “The Best Dishes We Ate in 2020 list.”

This relatively obscure cheesesteak was spawned from a pop-up.  Musi BYOB (100 Morris St,) explains, “For most of its existence, the Frizwit was a pop up with a cult following. It was the cheesesteak to know about. Now, as our Covid-inflicted world goes, it’s the cheesesteak to get – along with its sibling sammies and hummus iterations. It’s made with attention to detail, so you’re gonna have to wait 5-10 minutes while us fancy cooks fire off your not-at-all fancy steak. We appreciate youse and your support of a small Philly business that once earned a spot on such lists as Eater’s Best New Restaurants in Frickin’ America. It’s important to us that we maintain that same intention and pride. No matter what food we’re slinging.”

Food & Wine weighed in on their experience with the Fritwit stating “Friends and I had spent the morning scrubbing down every surface of Francie—our friend’s newly-constructed restaurant that was in a state of limbo, awaiting the official word that it was go-time for indoor dining in NYC. It was tedious work and we were happy to do it for the sake of helping our pal—but I was also in it for the Frizwit. Ari Miller, the chef-owner of Musi in Philadelphia, had hauled up a few dozen of his meticulously crafted, gloriously sloppy, soul-and-sense satisfying cheesesteaks to Brooklyn to feed to the crew, and I could barely contain my glee. Miller put his heart and soul into sourcing and crafting the ultimate version of this classic sandwich, getting frizzled steak from Primal Supply, hoagie rolls from Merzbacher’s, charring endless onions, and devising a beer cheese sauce to weaken all knees. I’d have stuck my bare hand into a backed-up grease trap if it meant getting to have more Frizwit in my life, but luckily all it takes is a trip to Philly. They’re available for pickup and delivery from Musi, Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and I’m fully planning on hopping on the next Amtrak train that departs after I get vaccinated.”

For local foodies this recognition of the Frizwit has caused a frenzy in the city.  Now that this cult cheesesteak is being mentioned with the classic heavy hitters in town.  Most cheesesteak enthusiasts are stuck in their ways and won’t veer-off from their spots but this gooey cheesesteak is definitely worth a try.

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