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Milk Jawn Is Opening Their Brick & Mortar Shop This Friday With An Ice Cream Giveaway

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Milk Jawn Is Opening Their Brick & Mortar Shop This Friday With An Ice Cream Giveaway

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Milk Jawn Is Opening Their Brick & Mortar Shop This Friday With An Ice Cream Giveaway

Philly’s newest scoop shop is finally ready to open its doors, as Milk Jawn, the beloved, award-winning local ice cream brand is opening its first brick & mortar location on Friday, August 5th at 1439 East Passyunk Avenue (the corner of East Passyunk Ave.and Dickinson Street). The business will open with a giveaway, offering free cups of ice cream to the first 100 people who show up to the shop beginning at 5 p.m.

The shop, which will offer pints, cups, and cones with a limited menu to start, will be open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 11 p.m., and will eventually offer toppings and a number of other menu items as they are able to ramp up production.

Launched by Amy Wilson and partners Ryan Miller and Cathryn Sanderson in early 2020, Milk Jawn has operated as a delivery-only business while also executing various pop-ups and farmers’ markets throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs during the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the new brick & mortar shop is a 2,600-square foot production facility at 1303 East Passyunk Avenue. The business is a small batch, premium ice cream brand which uses fresh, local PA dairy products to produce an ever-evolving menu of frozen treats. Milk Jawnbegan as a hobby in Wilson’s kitchen in 2012, but eventually grew into a business with the help of Wilson’s friends and now Co-owners, Miller and Sanderson.

“We’ve been saying that this day is two-plus years in the making, but really, it’s a decade in the making,” said Wilson. “I never thought a hobby of mine would turn into a business, but I get to work with friends and make and eat ice cream daily, so I certainly can’t complain. It’s been a long road since we started looking for our first storefront, but after a lot of hard work and grinding through some red tape, we are very excited to open our doors and bring a premium ice cream shop to East PassyunkAvenue, which we believe the neighborhood needs.”

Wilson said Milk Jawn has also made it a point to be a more inclusive brand when it comes to people with food allergies or limitations, as they have recently added a number of vegan, non-dairy options. Their Mango Sticky Rice ice cream is coconut-cream based, and other vegan ice cream flavors are pea protein-based.

“People are really starting to catch on to the fact that we’re offering vegan, non-dairy ice cream,” said Wilson. “We’re really proud of the customer base we’ve been able to attract. Our goal is to have all of our ‘all-the-time’ flavors available as non-dairy to those who are on non-dairy regimens, as well as for those who simply try to limit their consumption of dairy. We absolutely don’t want to exclude anyone who loves ice cream.”

Milk Jawn offers a number of ice cream flavors including Tahini Fudge Swirl; Pistachio; Double Fold Vanilla; Cold Brew and Caramelized Cacao Nibs; Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch; Milk and Cookies; Malted Milk Toffee Crunch; Lemon Curd with Blueberry Basil Swirl; Chocolate Peanut Butter; and Chocolate.Vegan flavors include Tahini Fudge Swirl and Mango Sticky Rice. The company also offers seasonal flavors, including Buttermilk Peach; Caramel Apple Pie; and more. Their Earl Grey with Honeycomb won Best New Flavor for the Northeast Region, and second place nationally at the North American Ice Cream Association’s annual convention, which was held inNovember of 2021.

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