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Endless Summer 2015: 7 Philly Things You Need to Do to Make This Summer Last

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Endless Summer 2015: 7 Philly Things You Need to Do to Make This Summer Last

Labor Day has come and gone, but it is near impossible to give up on summer just yet. Before you ditch the tank tops for sweaters and everything turns pumpkin-flavored, here is your guide to drag out summer 2015 as long as possible.


1) Go Get Ice Cream












One of Philly’s best-kept secrets? Their amazing ice cream shops! With flavors like Earl Grey Sriracha at Little Baby’s in Fishtown to a more traditional taste at Philly Flavors in Fairmount, ice cream is an essential element in keeping summer vibes alive.

2) Go to a Pop-Up Park













Nothing screams summer quite like lounging in a hammock or roller-skating by the river. With parks like Spruce Street Harbor Park and Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest, squeeze out the last drop of summer. During the summer months, the normal ice-skating rink transforms into a roller-skating rink at Blue Cross RiverRink. Right down the street is Spruce Street Harbor Park, where you can drink at the outdoors bars, play games like the life-size version of chess, rent a paddleboat, eat at the waterfront, or relax in a hammock. Both of these parks are open until the end of November.

3) Surrey Ride by Boathouse Row












Who says that the only time to ride a surrey is at the boardwalk? Rent a bike or surrey and take a ride along the trail at Boathouse Row and around the Art Museum while the weather’s still nice.


4) Nightscape: A Light and Sound Experience at Longwood Gardens











Before the nights turn too cold, enjoy this outdoor light show at Longwood Gardens. Running until October 31, it exclusively takes place once it is dark outside and has a light show that rivals July 4th fireworks.  


5) Enjoy Outdoor Dining

Image via Jessica Kourkounis / for The New York Times

Image via Jessica Kourkounis / for The New York Times



One of the perks of summertime weather is eating outdoors. Keep summer alive by taking advantage of Philly’s outdoor dining scene- from Mediterranean-influenced food at Barbuzzo on 13th street to the Italian style garden spot Branzino. PS- it’s an extra bonus if the spot it a BYOB.


6) Shofuso










Learn about Japanese culture at Shofuso, a traditional Japanese garden in Fairmount. Named ‘Best Hidden Tourist Attraction’ by Philadelphia Magazine, visitors can participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, take Japanese classical dance lessons, or just explore the scenic garden. Shofuso is open on both weekdays and weekends through October.


7) Yoga on the Race Street Pier













Named ‘Best Free Workout Class’ by Phildelphia Magazine, start or end your day right with a free outdoor yoga class at the Race Street Pier. The only rule? Bring your own mat. Feel free to bring Sparky to do the most authentic downward dog pose since it is pet friendly. The yoga classes are offered twice a day during the weekdays and once in the morning on weekends.

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