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Bridget Foy Returns to South Street With the All-New East Philly Cafe Pop-up!


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Bridget Foy Returns to South Street With the All-New East Philly Cafe Pop-up!

Bridget Foy Returns to South Street With the All-New East Philly Cafe Pop-up!

Bridget Foy Returns to South Street With the All-New East Philly Cafe Pop-up!

Bridget Foy will return to 2nd and South (200 South) for the first time since the devastating fire in 2017 that saw the family restaurant and neighborhood corner hub close down and get destroyed. Bridget Foy’s – the new Bridget Foy’s – was expected to open as a surprise to Philly this week. However, with indoor dining closing and the pandemic numbers increasing this didn’t make sense and as sad as it as after working round the clock this year on top to bottom construction (everything was lost in the fire) they now have pushed the opening to February/March and indoor dining returns – plus outdoor comes back in nicer weather. Today’s opening comes despite the snow, as they are eager to get back to work at 2nd and South – and what not better way to celebrate a festive outdoor restaurant then with heaters, hot drinks, covered tables and flakes in the air – plus $5 snow day specials. For the menu look for dishes by Cry Baby Pasta’s David Gilberg and  Carla Goncalves, featuring heart and stomach warming comfort food designed for pandemic times and that are tailored to take-out and outdoor dining. From the bar, look for classic cocktails, holiday creations, wine and beer.
“We were devastated after the fire and we just spent nearly three years rebuilding,” said Bridget Foy. “Things were on track to start our next chapter – but also the next chapter for our patrons, family and friends, but also for the neighborhood. While pushing back is another blow, we wanted to open a pop-up to ensure we had jobs for our staff over at Cry Baby Pasta. With indoor dining closing, Cry Baby Pasta will still operate take-out, delivery and outdoor dining, but we would still lose a number of jobs and our dining capacity would be greatly diminished especially heading into the cold weather. East Philly Cafe Pop-up is our way of adapting, pivoting, getting excited for better days ahead, and most importantly keeping our employees working through the holidays and harsh winter months. And yes, this gives us an opportunity for me, Paul, John and Bernadette to play host once again at our beloved corner of the world at 2nd and South. We can’t wait to debut Bridget Foy’s when the time has come and celebrate our reopening – but until then we hope you will join us at East Philly Cafe Pop-up!”
It has been nearly three years since Bridget Foy and family have welcomed guests at 2nd and South. In 2017, a devastating fire destroyed the iconic Bridget Foy’s that overlooked Headhouse Square since the 1970s. After major construction and rebuilding Bridget Foy’s from top to bottom, the new restaurant was set to debut this December – this very week as a Christmas surprise. It was full steam ahead heading into the late summer and fall as construction wrapped up and decor/furniture started to arrive. Then the pandemic numbers grew and indoor dining closed down – making it not possible to open the doors. After three years, the wait will have to be a little longer for Bridget Foy’s and its food, drink – and most importantly its welcoming vibe.
Bridget – one of the biggest names in Philly’s restaurant scene – is also dealing with indoor dining closing at her beloved Cry Baby Pasta spot around the corner. Cry Baby Pasta will continue to offer meal kits, cocktails, cocktail kits, wine and food to go – plus outside dining when weather permits – she will keep her staff working despite loosing indoor dining by opening the below.
Bridget Foy introduces the East Philly Cafe Pop-up by Bridget Foy’s – a brand new pop-up restaurant, with a decades old name and idea – this week at 2nd and South. This is a big boom for the neighborhood too as Bridget Foy’s has left that corner dark for 3 years plus construction on Headhouse Plaza continues and has the other two corners dark.
While the wait to enjoy the new Bridget Foy’s will now be extended to February or March – allowing indoor dining to reopen, and additional time now to add more details and perfect every single thing inside, Bridget Foy is opening this week something new yet old again.
East Philly Cafe Pop-up, named after the original restaurant owned by her Dad John Foy back in 1978, will open today in time for the snowy weather – because the neighborhood, and the city, needs great news right now to add some positive vibes. And the neighbors will now have a great option for their snowday food and drinks!
East Philly Cafe Pop-up is an outdoor restaurant that will occupy the outside Bridget Foy’s space until Bridget Foy’s fully opens. Since Bridget Foy’s was in full swing construction for the building structure, Bridget was able and had time to adjust the design plans after the pandemic hit to be fully pandemic ready – with one of the most top of the line outdoor heating systems in the city – a change in layout for outdoor seating along South Street to allow for social distancing, and a new plan of action for how they will operate in the future. While Foy’s had always had ample outdoor space – including the uber popular and stylish patio cafe – the revised layout due to the pandemic put even more focus on the importance of outdoor space as the world goes forward into the new normal.
With the Cafe, look for outdoor dining under the permanent roof of the patio – with heating, tables, chairs and an outdoor service bar – plus Christmas and winter decorations, plants and twinkling lights. East Philly Cafe will operate as an outdoor restaurant, a neighborhood take-out and delivery hot spot, and of course, there will be the Foy’s cocktails – but legal and to go this time around.
Look for five dollar veggie and beef brisket chili by the cup, and five dollar hot toddies – to celebrate the grand opening and the pandemic Nor’Easter.
Bridget Foy, one of the co-founders of the Sisterly Love Citywide Food Fair, will close the season of this female-focused food event at East Philly Cafe and Bridget Foy’s this weekend.
Sisterly Love Citywide Food Fair
December 20 from Noon to 2:00pm
East Philly Cafe Pop-up at Bridget Foys

Introducing a traveling holiday food market brought to you by the leading female entrepreneurs of Philadelphia’s hospitality scene, dubbed “Sisterly Love Citywide Food Fair.” Every Saturday and Sunday through December 20th look for COVID-safe, pre-packaged items ranging from baked goods to handmade pastas, ramen kits, artisanal condiments and more to female-owned and operated locations across the city. From 12 to 2PM, every weekend the traveling food market makes it easy for Philadelphians to shop small, shop local and shop female this holiday season. Vendors this Sunday include:

Bridget Foys
Cry Baby
Sundry Mornings
Urban Princess Boutique
Love, Annamaria Pesto
Zazou Teas
Paxon + Penn Cocktail Kits
Fiore Fine Foods
Triple Bottom Brewery
Farmhouse Wreath Company
Sate Kampoor
Aurora Grace Chocolate
Gluten Lab
Neighborhood Ramen
Community Bar
Queen and Rook Cafe
Sugar Bottom Hemp
Moon Cat Naturals
Dye Hard Fan
Viva Leaf Tea
Jezabel’s Argentinian Cafe
Feel Goodies Philly

Wednesday to Sunday, 4:00pm to 9:00pm

For this Sunday of this week, East Cafe Philly will open at Noon for Sisterly Love Food Fair, which Bridget is hosting this week from 12-2pm. The Cafe will then remain open until 9:00pm.


Take-out, pick-up, cocktails to go, outdoor restaurant pop-up, delivery


Door Dash – starting Thursday


Resy under East Philly Cafe Pop-up starting Friday or in meantime call 215-922-1813


Bridget Foy’s building where East Philly Cafe is the only construction we are aware of in the city that fully adjusted its plans – as once the frame was built and the inside and other work started the pandemic had started – they took the pandemic in mind with the design – the outside seating and sidewalk cafe along South is desi

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