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Brewerytown Garden is Throwing a Garden Party In Celebration of its Permanent Preservation

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Brewerytown Garden is Throwing a Garden Party In Celebration of its Permanent Preservation

Brewerytown Garden is Throwing a Garden Party In Celebration of its Permanent Preservation

Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT) will hold a community gathering at the Brewerytown Garden located at 27th and Master Streets on Saturday, April 23rd from noon to 3:00 p.m. This free and open to the public celebration will commemorate the garden’s permanent preservation as public green space. The event will begin at 1:00pm and will include remarks from Senator Sharif Street, Representative Donna Bullock, and other project partners. Guests will be entertained with live music from DJ JAMZ, treated to food provided by gardeners, and can participate in garden tours. The event will be held rain or shine.

The footprint of the Brewerytown Garden is comprised of six land parcels. NGT has worked with the garden leaders at Brewerytown, as well as city and state officials for several years to develop and execute a plan to acquire all the land parcels at the garden from various property owners. The largest parcel is owned by the City of Philadelphia and protected in its Parks and Recreation inventory as public space. To protect the remaining five parcels and ensure the garden’s longevity as a community space, NGT stepped in as a nonprofit land trust to acquire them.

Earlier this year, NGT was awarded a $125,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program for the purchase and preservation of the Brewerytown Garden thanks to the support of Senator Sharif Street and Representative Donna Bullock. With this state grant and the proceeds of a GoFundMe campaign led by the Brewerytown Garden, NGT was able to purchase two properties within the footprint of the Brewerytown Garden that were at the greatest risk of being lost to real estate development. These land parcels will now be permanently protected as community green space and the future of this vibrant neighborhood anchor will no longer be in jeopardy to development, offering the Brewerytown community a green garden oasis for years to come.

“I have supported Brewerytown Garden’s effort to have site control since my days as a city council staffer. The garden is a true community asset, an oasis for many residents. I was committed to finding a solution to preserve and keep it in the hands of the community to tend, enjoy, and pass on to generations of future neighbors,” said Representative Donna Bullock.

Brewerytown Garden is a vibrant community garden in Philadelphia where neighbors grow organic produce, and share food, knowledge, and friendship. This beloved green space hosts an active roster of community programs that bring together diverse neighbors and foster social ties in the rapidly changing Brewerytown neighborhood. The garden provides ample growing space for 80 individual beds, a weekly farm stand, CSA program, a greenhouse and many community, cultural, and educational events. The garden benefits from the support of the city’s FarmPhilly Program, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Common Market, and others.

“Land preservation through Neighborhood Gardens Trust ensures that Brewerytown Garden will remain a vital community resource for generations to come. We are thrilled that the garden can continue to be a sustainable green space where Brewerytown neighbors can access healthy food, learn about nature and nutrition, and enjoy each other’s company,” said Sharon Hildebrand, Chair of the Brewerytown Garden Steering Committee.

The garden’s preservation will protect the value that urban community gardens provide including increasing access to healthy affordable food, recreational opportunities, as well as improving public safety. “I’m proud to secure funding for a vital community resource such as the Brewerytown Garden Preservation. Agriculture, green space, is a critical part of building the future viability of our communities and making the necessary long-term investments that keep our youth positively engaged and ultimately safe. Supporting community gardens not only expands access to healthy food but helps connect our community. We are committed to the continued funding of those that enhance the quality of life for so many,” said Senator Sharif Street.

Brewerytown garden’s mission has always been to improve community health physically, socially, and environmentally. With its new permanent protection, the garden can continue to enhance the quality of life for North Philadelphia residents.

“A year ago, we were worried about the future of the Brewerytown garden. Today, we’re proud and relieved that NGT can permanently protect this community green space in partnership with the gardeners, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the City of Philadelphia, and the many generous community members who stepped up to make this preservation possible,” said Jenny Greenberg, Executive Director, NGT.

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