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“Wooder Ice is an online Philly authentic “Blogazine” that provides original, unique, and engaging content dedicated solely to the City of Brotherly Love. Wooder Ice is an outlet that provides content that is intended to entertain, educate, inform, and inspire the people of Philadelphia – who we see as our neighbors, friends, and family. With the strong connections we are consistently building throughout the city, our responsibility is to ensure that our content brings out the best of every aspect of Philadelphia. We’re your scoop to everything Philly.”



Hector Nuñez


With a goal to highlight all the great things to love about Philly, Hec envisioned “Wooder Ice” while still attending Temple University.  A 2005 grad he is now set on turning that vision into a reality.  When he isn’t stuffing his pie hole at one of the many Philly dining spots, Hec contributes to articles, events, stories and the overall daily maintenance of Wooder Ice.  He is always on the look out for the latest and greatest and welcomes all suggestions, because he believes Wooder Ice is a site for the people.


Ja-mel “Jay” Vereen

V.P/Executive Producer 

Ja-mel “Jay “ Vereen is an aspiring media personality originally from San Antonio, TX and we are thrilled to have him on the Wooder Ice team. Being the social butterfly that he is, Jay has years of experience hosting and promoting events at popular Philadelphia venues and looks to put his gift of gab to great use with several video segments coming soon to WooderIce. With a broadcast and mass media degree from Temple, the former cruise ship entertainer and current game show host is poised to become the voice of Wooder Ice. Keep an eye out for Jay in the city as he will deliver to you on-the-street segments, exclusive interviews, and cover the hottest events happening in Philly.

Lauren Rei 

Program Director/Lauren Rei Live Show

Lauren Rei is born, raised and resides in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pa. She attended “The Mecca” Howard University, where she studied Communications with a concentration in Radio, TV, and Film. Lauren’s personality and creativity is authentic. She always challenges the norms. That was apparent when she started writing for the popular nationally acclaimed blog “The Jasmine Brand.” Lauren’s ambition cultivated the idea for the “Lauren Rei Live”


Farah Stacy


Farah Stacy Farag, yes that’s right her first and last name are off by one letter. Farah comes from a very diverse background, with her mother being from San Salvador and her Father being from Egypt. This alone makes her have a different and open outlook on life.  Farah graduated from Widener University with a bachelors degree in Communications concentrating in PR & ADVERTISING. After college Farah gained numerous experiences within the hospitality industry, sports industry and retail.  She prides herself in being well rounded and open to new experiences but most importantly having a passion for all things Philly. She is a self proclaimed foodie, fashionista, and adventurer and is hoping to brings these qualities to WooderIce.  Farah will be helping our audience discover and try all the great things that Philly has to offer but with a twist. With Farah quirks and adventure seeking  personality, who knows where she’ll take us next. Be sure to follow @WooderIce and @FarahStacy to find what Farah will be making us try next.


Edgardo “Nitty” Bones

 Marketing/Creative Director

Edgardo Bones is a graduate of Temple University where he he holds two bachelors degrees one for entrepreneurship and the other for advertising.  It’s safe to say that entrepreneurship runs deep in his family  With a brother who owns a gym and a successful family business, he knows what it takes to make a business flourish.  Versed in all sides of marketing and branding, Edgardo contributes to the overall branding and marketing efforts of Wooder Ice but has his hand in most all endeavors.  You can find Edgardo on hand for most food and drink events we’re apart of, because well he’s a foodie and beer connoisseur.  Oh and did we mention he has a great ear for music.  This guy is literally like Wooder Ice’s A&R with all of the talent he brings to us.  


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