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10 Reasons Why Halloween is the Best Holiday Ever

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10 Reasons Why Halloween is the Best Holiday Ever

10 Reasons Why Halloween is the Best Holiday Ever

10 Reasons Why Halloween is the Best Holiday Ever


No Big Meals to Prepare For

 photo kitchen_zps99c143f3.gif

As a foodie holiday meals are great but let’s be honest, these days it’s hard to get the family together since everyone seems to be more spread out and just extremely busy these days. Aside from that it’s no fun to have to buy $100’s of dollars in groceries and slave away in the kitchen.  Instead, Halloween alleviates these issues with fun gatherings filled with sweets and finger foods.  So save yourself the hassle and enjoy the festivities.


The Costume Parties

 photo party_zpse6dc10b5.gif

Sure you can party any night of the year but hands down Halloween themed parties are just the best.  As an 80’s baby, it seems as though ever since Ralph Macchio put on that shower costume Halloween parties became the coolest thing ever.  Maybe it’s the mystery of not knowing who everyone in the room is or just the hilarity of adults in costumes, either way nothing beats a costume party. Not too mention the prizes for the best costumes.


Not Having to Buy Cards or Presents

 photo dicksinboxes_zpse780f026.gif

Maybe it’s the government’s way of stimulating the economy but it seems as though just about every major holiday revolves around card giving and gift purchasing.  I understand it’s always better to give then to receive but it’s always refreshing to celebrate a holiday without the pressures of buying a gift.  Not to mention receiving lousy gifts.


Feeling Like a Kid Again

 photo crimefighter_zps6f985d05.gif

Being an adult isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. The responsibilities and the bills and work can be overwhelming at times.  But for one day in October we all can feel like a kid again.  Whether you’re recreating old costumes or pretending to be a super her, you can dress up and be whoever or whatever you want without being ridiculed.  That in itself makes this holiday the greatest of all time.


The Sexy Outfits

 photo sexycostume_zps985fac01.gif

This one has all the guys rejoicing.  However, many women embrace the fact that they can dress promiscuous on Halloween.  Don’t know when this trend actually started but it seems as though every costume for women now comes in two versions, the regular version and the sexy version.  Whether it’s living out fantasies or just merely attention seeking, women who dress in these ultra sexy outfits will hear no complaints from the guys that’s for sure.


The Candy

 photo candy_zpsc6313934.gif

This is a obvious one but too important not to list.  It’s the one time of year where binging on candy is totally acceptable.  For parents this holiday is a godsend since they can sneak in and snipe “good” candy bars from their kid’s trick-or-treating efforts.  Be sure to take just enough that it doesn’t go unnoticed and your kid doesn’t wake up in the morning to a bag full of candy corn and tootsie rolls.  Also, let’s not forget how the candy is steeply discounted the day after so we can stock pile for the month of November.


The Haunted Attractions

 photo haunted-house_zpsbfb47874.gif

No other holiday goes to these extremes to provide entertainment.  Sure Christmas time you have some decorations and a fake Santa and on Thanksgiving there’s a parade, but nothing beats haunted houses and hayrides.  For a day we all can experience what it’s like to be in a horror film and look like a wuss in front of our girlfriends.  With so many of them in the region you can go to a different one every weekend for the month.


The Trick-or-Treating

 photo trickortreat_zpsbff06f1a.gif

Of course I am not implying adults go out and trick-or-treat, but the tradition itself is awesome.  Halloween may not be a time to give away presents but the ritual of giving away candy can feel just as rewarding.  It’s actually a great feeling to sit on your front steps and pass out candy to kids and reminiscing of when you used to go out as a kid and come home with bags of candy then brag about it the next day at school.  Just make sure you’re not that asshole giving away candy corn or granola bars.  Kids want the good stuff!


The Horror Movie Marathons

 photo jason_zpse4b28feb.gif

Nothing I mean nothing comes close to throwing on sweats, ordering take-out and binge watching horror films on a chilly night.  Although horror movies as of late have lost some luster, we have been blessed with classics from past decades.  Everything from Friday the 13th, to Nightmare on Elm Street, to Hell Raiser and everything in between are worth the time.  So gather your significant other, friends, or family and get a horror movie marathon party going!


The Decorating

 photo decorations_zpsb2580997.gif

Yea yea, you get a pretty tree at Christmas time with cute little lights around the house or hang up paper cut out of turkeys on Thanksgiving but nothing beats Halloween decorations. Setting up scarecrows and monsters on the porch, Jack O’ Lanterns, and spooky cobwebs are just a few decorations we look forward to.  For one day a year you can turn your house into the Bates Motel and no one will question your sanity.  So indulge and go all out!

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