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The Guide to New Relationship Christmas Gift Giving (Gift Cards Excluded)

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The Guide to New Relationship Christmas Gift Giving (Gift Cards Excluded)

The Guide to New Relationship Christmas Gift Giving (Gift Cards Excluded)

The Guide to New Relationship Christmas Gift Giving (Gift Cards Excluded)

Okay so this past year you happened to meet what you believe could be Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Kudos. However, depending how long you you’ve been “seeing” this person, it could make things a little interesting come the holiday season.  It’s an uneasy feeling not knowing what to get or just how much you should be breaking the bank.  No worries, we’re here to take stress out of holiday buying.  We got together and created The Guide to New Relationship Christmas Gift Giving (Gift Cards Excluded).  Cause’ you see gift cards are such a cop out and nothing says, “Shit I just remembered I had to buy you something so I stopped in a store really quick and got you this.”  So for those that want to make Christmas memorable with that special someone, this Christmas gift giving guide will help you no matter how long you’ve been dating.  Check it out!


Just Met

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Image via

Call it awkward timing or an interesting dilemma, either way if you just met someone in say December with Christmas right around the corner you may be racking your brain on what to give.  Go too big and you’ll come off as over zealous.  Neglect giving a gift and it could come off as cold.  In this case something small that says “Hey I went out shopping for my friends and family but I thought of you while I was out.” Skip the corny Christmas cards and go for neutral gifts such as bottle of their favorite wine or spirit, which they would be more than happy to pop open next time you’re over so you both can enjoy it.  Not a drinker? Well other ideas include baked goods (something you baked personally is always a plus) or a book about something your new interest is passionate about (this shows you’ve been paying attention to the things that drive them).


1-4 Months -The Trial Phase

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Image via

At this point you’re still feeling out the person. So it’s a good idea not to invest too much in a gift.  However, at this stage you should have a good idea of the things they are interested.  Since this is still “prime dating” buy a gift that will create a memory.  A good example would be tickets to a live play they’ve always wanted to see or tickets to see their favorite artists.  These types of gifts accomplish several things.  1) It shows you’ve been paying attention to what they like 2) It’s a thoughtful gift 3) If the show is weeks away, you just stretched their excitement beyond just Christmas day. They’ll be counting down the days until the show or play.  4) It’s a cool as gift.  Other suitable gifts include booking them a massage or spa treatment.


5-9 Months – The Honey Moon Phase

Image via Four Seasons Singapore

Image via Four Seasons Singapore

So you guys have already wine and dined and perhaps even made it Facebook official.  Either way things seem to get pretty serious.  However, no need to go over the top just yet.  Keep a nice cool pace.  At this stage your gift should say “I am really digging you and I am about ready to start tossing the L word around.” Here is when you can open the wallet a little more.  Dinner at that restaurant in town you guys been talking about is a great place to start.  Up the romantic ante and make it a staycation.  Book a room to a fancy hotel in town so after dinner you can enjoy a plush room with amenities such as a pool and Jacuzzi.  If funds are a little tight and you want to scale it back a bit peruse Livingsocial or Groupon and book a class or workshop he/she always wanted to try out.  If you’re dating a single parent be thoughtful and book a one time house cleaning to give them a day off of chores and pair that with a romantic night out.  Whatever you choose put thought into it.

10 months to a Year – It’s Official

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Image via

Unless you’re just leading them on, by now things should be pretty much in the bag.  However, it can get pretty tricky depending on your financial situation.  If you’re pretty comfy with some disposable income spring for an out-of-town trip as a gift.  Doesn’t always have to be somewhere sunny, just somewhere fun.  Other ideas include a full day spa treatment at a high-end spot.  Jewelry at this point is also acceptable.  For those with slimmer pockets no worries.  He or she has been with you this long because they like you not your checking account.  Again just be thoughtful. String together a few not-too-expensive gifts to create an invaluable memory.  For example if it’s a female you’re buying for, start with getting something nice sent their their job a day or two before Christmas. The day of put together a cool gift bag with makeup, lingerie and perfume (hey you benefit from this too) then couple this with say a wine tasting tour and perhaps another small gift while out on the town such as a watch a gadget they had their eye on.  Lastly top it all off with a simple card with heartfelt words to show just how special they are.  Either route you take, you should cruise past the 1 year mark and into a long lasting relationship. Well at least that’s what happens in the movies.


Good Luck & Happy Shopping!


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