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Cuffing Season Special: 6 Places to Take a First Date in Philly

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Cuffing Season Special: 6 Places to Take a First Date in Philly

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Philadelphians; the air starting to become more crisp and daylight becoming shorter only means one thing: CUFFING SEASON. You should have already solidified your draft picks and and now it is time to take them out on a date. To save you from going on that traditional first date, here is Wooder Ice’s top places you should go to on a first date to guarantee a second.

1.Movie Night

No, we aren’t talking about Netflix and Chill. Every Monday night The Trocadero theater turns into a movie house, and $3 gets you a ticket and snack.


2. Go To A Speakeasy

Named after the a Prohibition-era alcohol ring, the Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company is a 20s-style speakeasy right in the heart of Center City. You enter through an unmarked door on 18th and Chestnut, and can order a variety of fancy cocktails and assortment of delicious finger foods. No need to worry about finding a seat- the bar only lets in as many people as they have seats.


Painting With A Twist

Jazz up the traditional ‘going out to grab drinks’ as a first date with Painting With a Twist  This date pairs arts and crafts with drinking- can you think of a better combo? Sip on some wine and paint a picture all while getting to know your date!


Check Out A Museum

Philly is home to some of the best museums in the world. Check out the human heart exhibit in the Franklin Institute to paintings from the Romantic era in the Art Museum. No matter which you choose, the exhibits are sure to strike up interesting conversation.


Go Bowling

Return to the days of high school dates with a bowling date. But, instead of the dingy bowling alley with crusty sneakers, go to the swanky Lucky Strike bowling alley, with a full food and drink menu all within the posh bowling alley.


Philadelphia Chocolate Tour

You had me at the word chocolate. Walk around Philly trying the best chocolates the city has to offer. From cookies to gelato and every chocolatey treat in between, this date is sure to when any sweet-tooth’s heart.

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