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Check Out the Behind the Scenes Video of Jose Garces’ New Spot “Volvér”

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Check Out the Behind the Scenes Video of Jose Garces’ New Spot “Volvér”

“Volvér” which in Spanish means to return or come back, it is safe to say that Jose Carces has mastered the art of having patrons return time and time again.  With his array of flavorful restaurants sprinkled throughout Philadelphia he has solidified his reputation for quality, service, and taste.  He now plans to keep patrons coming back even when his plates will be the priciest in town.  Volvér which will be located at the Kimmel Center on S. Broad St. will feature menu options ranging from $75-$175 a plate.

However, if you do have $175 to burn today do not expect to just walk in and be escorted to a table.  Volvér will be a “ticketed only” dinning experience.  Or as Chef Garces likes to put it “pre-theater.”  Therefore, would be patrons will have to purchase their meals ahead of time without even getting a whiff of their pricey plates.

If you still are not sure what the hype is about just know that Chef Garces is not in the business to sell food.  He is in the business to sell experiences.  See for your self in the video below which shows the behind the scenes look of Volvér.

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